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Another Tutorial


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I have created another small tutorial for anyone still thinking the GRAW editor looks too difficult.

I think the tutorials already available are great, but found that the more 'versions-on-a-theme' helped me wrap my head around what was going on, so hopefully this will help YOU get started...

Check it out, and get modding ! It really is as easy as modding missions for Ghost Recon using IGOR.

I created my first map and mission in less than two weekends.

It includes the links to both Fishmongers and Evilducky's tutorials ( thanks to them both for thier work in getting me on the road to map & mission making )

Another GRAW Map & Mission Tutorial

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Excellent...need more of these we do! I'd be very keen to see what you've done.

Unfortunately I get this error for the link


You don't have permission to access /GamePages/GRAW/GRAW.php on this server."

Also, take a look at the wiki I am making for graw2... http://graw2.pbwiki.com

I've learned a heap about some cools tools to make it easier to make tutorials...be happy to share what I know if you see anything you like there.

On a more selfish note, I would also be very interested to get your thoughts on what I might add to the wiki to make it easier for new modders to create coop missions.

Thanks again for taking the time to help others learn the craft of making missions.


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Tinker's right, but it does that sometimes, sorry

Try This One

I just removed the www bit...

Feel free to steal as much of my text on Modding as you require, It's for my fellow gamers at NMD, but free to anyone who can make good use of it - your Wiki is looking good, I'll help you with relevant additions as and when I get around to reading it properly


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Thanks Palyarmerc (and Tinker - g'day mate!). All good now.

Wow. that's really cool. I will definitely borrow text from there and put a link to it on the wiki resources page (which I am about to make :))

Some really good info there.

Thanks for the offer of looking over the wiki. Much appreciate any suggestion on content and layout as it's hard to know what (level of detail/content) makes sense to a new starter once you have done a few missions yourself.


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