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Operation Blue Glow!

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9MS Mod v1.1

Built for MP Co-Op, teams of 3 - 9 recomended.

Created by 9ManSquad.

The campaign © missions for Operation BlueGlow are intended for use in Multiplayer Co-Op mode only.

Setup for GAMEPLAY in the 'Server Edit' function is recommended as follows:


DIFFICULTY: VETERAN or ELITE, using RECRUIT sets the game into test mode.

TIME LIMIT: 60 minutes

TYPE: MISSION "9MS © 01 - 09"




Pdf file and Word document are included inside the mod folder detailing the campaign.

Also check link in my siggy for further detailed info about the 9MS Mod.

Pls post any comments, suggestions or issues here.

Future patches to fix issues will be done.





Patch 9MS11-a

Fixes a few mission errors.

Adds new mission and enviroment.


Patch is fully server-sided, will not cause conflict with joining unpatched server.

Patch will self install if you have your mods in the default directory, if not, direct it to your ghost recon/mods folder. Ensure the 9MS11 mod is in the mods folder first.


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Congratulations!!! :thumbsup:

I certainly will download it when I will have a faster connection although I have nobody to play co-op with. However it's always a pleasure to check the creation and trying to understand the scripts of one of the best modder around.

Thanks again!

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Patch 1.1 is in production, pls post/PM any and all issues/comments/suggestions.


© 01 Casanova

Altered patrol paths that sometimes became stuck near South building.

© 03 snake eyes

Changed informant voice from female to male.

(M) 06 take over

Moved teleport zones.

(M) 20 demo run

Extraction now available after all demo complete.

(M) 27 Thunder


(M) 43 crackdown

CTD fixed. Actors and kits changed.

Get rid of obsolete mission files


New Content:

9MS (M) 46 Troubled Land / park_night.env



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Wow, I can't begin to imagine how much effort you've put into this Tinker...I have no intention at present of returning to GR, but I will, for nostalgia I'm sure, and when I do, your mod will be top of my play-list :)


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Hello all!

I have a request or big wish and that is if somone here want to make a great SP campaign of the great mod called "Operation Blue Glow" ?

I wanna also know what mods are the best for SP campaign?

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This campaign was built for coop only really :hmm: A lot of the stealth orientated objectives, do not really work well, when using AI team mates. Will take a look at the possibilities in the week.

I wanna also know what mods are the best for SP campaign?

Not sure what to suggest for this, not really a SP type of person for GR. (Recently installed AW1 again, 4 days now, cannot finish mission 1 SP) :shhhh:

88 campaigns HERE The 3 at the top we have played recently coop. Good missions that are built for SP, I think. P2, Centcom, Blood Oil. There is a load to choose from. Maybe some SP peeps post something more for you. Download some, try them out for a mission, if no good, download some more!

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Finished up as best possible to make this a SP campaign. :thumbsup:

May as well patch up the 9MS mod now, have some fixes from the past noted down I would like to get done. Anyone like to try out the campaign SP over the next week, while I fix other things, send a message. You will need the current 9MS Mod


SP campaign seems to play ok with unlockable heros.

Various mission file tweaks.

Urban crunch map from SS3 added, new mission to go with it.

Parcel for objectives from Phlookian added.

Updated modscont.

Will be available next week.

May have some plans for the other coop missions turning SP.

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9MS Patch is nearly at 100MB at present, and still have quiet a bit to do. At this point I am inclined to simply build a new version of the 9MS mod instead, as there are a lot of excess files I also would like to remove.

All vehicles need replacing with the latest Hammer versions still.

SP campaign is done.

Coop/SP campaign has had a lot of work done, after I played through them all and found all sorts of things need doing.

All 46 M missions have been duplicated. Now there will be 46 M missions that have been normalized for smaller team play. Some missions had up to 150 enemy on them. There are no more than 80 on any now. The 46 duplicates will now be HC missions (Hardcore) and are also all being tweaked.

Several M missions were pretty lame and have been completely replaced with new.

Female character for coop play being added.

Will start a new 9MS Mod topic next week with an update.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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All vehicles need replacing with the latest Hammer versions still.

This was my concern for removing files. But, the original files are named wrong in the actor folder, and have no sound in game. This is actually cool, because I can park them somewere, without leaving there engines running, or having to destroy them in the pre action block. Just going to add all the new files, might as well have 2 versions if it helps somehow.

Getting through the new HC missions at present :whistle:

Added, new training mission, plus loads of new defend points on the original maps, from Zero-Alpha

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