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Anyone Still Playing Graw2


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The first of the month (Sept) we turned our Graw2 server back on for Coop play

Only A few new maps added for now but ya'll can get together and play on our server.

Maps Get Em' here : -----> http://www.legionofspartans.com/forums/ind...?showtopic=2660

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It my first post so I suppose I should be positive. Yes there are quite a few severs up and running some 24/7 and I have never seen all of them completely empty of players ever - you can always find a game coop or death match.

But here is comes. More and more are becoming private password protected servers and I am not just talking about clan servers. Nor do I blame them. Leaving out noobs (we were all noobs once) people are treating it as an arcade game and with about as much thought and consideration for other players.

Hit and run on campaign servers is common practice. " Gota go now" is not what you want to hear in a fire fight.

Worse still putting the team in danger often deliberately (random spray and nade) then leaving happens a lot.

Fewer and fewer people think about 'minor tactics' when a 3 shots with a GL and dying a few times works.

I think it is dying as a game, maybe people are moving over to Rainbow Six Vegas 2 I don't know. But do not be surprised when your team mates charge around blazing away with machine guns and RPG's usually to little or no effect apart from making the game like Doom one with modern graphics.

If you want a good game - join a good clan or follow the trend and password protect your server giving it only to known decent players. I do not like it but the alternative are worse.

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I got into GRAW2 only a few months ago because of my disappointment in GRAW1, and I have been very surprised on how good it is.

Yeah there are a few things I dislike but the game play is very good the only thing this game is missing is a bigger community.....and simpler modding tools.

I usually play on Friday/Saturday nights @ 9:00 PST.

When I host my server is....

Server: Eagles Nest

PW: Unknown

all is welcome.

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to sum up what went wrong; Grin came in this with the thought of offering a quality game. They did NOT however plan on getting rolled by the ubi mafia.

questions that were unanswered;

1. modding

2. bug fixes

3. improved modding tools.

Since ubi was at the helm, they never once thought about the PC crowd. We hammered the point home time and time again only to be flat out ignored. When alot of people had an excitement to bring GRAW/GRAW2 back to the GR roots, Ubisoft again ignored. the whole problem came about due to GR2. Man, did UBI tick alot of people off with GR2.

Bugs that are still present will NEVER be fixed. ubisoft never intended them to be..or they didn't care simply. :yes:

Now with the invention of endwar/GR, this game has gone from what was once first person shooter to being a RTS along the lines of command and conquer. what next? GR meets the sims?

I think I can safely say that the people around here are sick and tired of UBI's lack of vision and care towards paying customers.

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Hi guys,

I agree that ubi let the community down...

1) there are countless (obvious) bugs in the scripting (just open a few random file in XMLMarker and you'll see them...I am not sure they even used an xml editor to make the files...otherwise they would have seen the errors).

2) the editor crashes regularly and uses cryptic keys...not even sure how grin used it in that state.

3) coop was an after thought and it shows

4) the scripting language is overly cryptic and lacks extensibility and basic debugging tools

5) the error handling is non-existent and overly agressive and does not provide meaningful information (ie. crash to desktop is just not reasonable in coding anymore, and if you do need to exit, you provide rich information as to what happened to cause this event)


this is the hand we have been delt and we need to accept it and live with it. I still play the game every Thursday night with my mates and we have accepted it's flaws. It crashes to desktop, ah well, get another beer, have a yak and play again.

There are coop missions that play well in graw2...so if others can do it, so can we.

So in posting here just be aware that our words can impact the way people see the game. Let's all take a moment to realise there are still many many people who play graw and enjoy the game imensely - lan and solo not only internet, (just look at the downloads section when a new coop comes out).



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I too am a GRAW2 fan and love the game. I enjoy it so much that our community owns a server. You may have seen it on the Multiplayer list "The Barking Spider". We (AGB - A Gaming Brotherhood) tend to only load COOP maps. We really enjoy them as it limits the frustration with hackers!! Yes, you still get the occasional hacker with unlimited 203's or the proverbial speed hack, but we ban them after a couple of warnings. Why people have to hack against bots is really beyond me. I guess they do not enjoy the challenge and like everything easy. However, this ruins the game for the rest of us who like the realism and challenge.

Yes, the game has its issues and as Davros mentioned we have accepted the issues that the game brings. It is a very big shame the UBISOFT does not support it anymore. However, I really do not see any other game out there that comes close to the tactics a strategy that GRAW2 offers. I would like more coop maps as well, so I am considering taking a crack at it thanks to Davro's wiki!!


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