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Graw: Why Was Gr's Formula Changed?

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This post may be way too late, but, after playing GR1 and 2 and expansions whether on PC or Console, GRAW was a very big let down in my opinion. Seems once UBI took over, the maps have suffered and are no longer open ended. Why? Red Storm drop of logo on packaging is no bueno.

Who else here wants the old school mapping back. I like the idea of having 5 objectives and taking any route I determine is best to complete a mission. When I first played GRAW, I did not have this option, one or two alleys to get to point B was pure puke.

I want the Old School mapping systems back, otherwise, Ubisoft doesn't get my money!!!

Sorry for the rant.

What's your opinion between GR, GR2 and the new GRAW let down?

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Hi, Welcome to the forums

yes, you are indeed year(s) late to that party

If you read back through the GR, GR 2, GRAW 1 & GRAW 2 forums you will see that that line of discussion has been done to death many times before .... then dug up and rehashed.... buried and rehashed again

and you will also see that this site is the home for "Old school Real tactical players" and that there are numerous threads where members detail exactly what they want in a great tactical game (exactly the same things you've indicated)

what they have done to the GR name has disappointed and angered many fans and is a very emotive subject

so I'll close this thread as it's just beating a dead horse to go down that road yet again.

We are going to have to look elsewhere for a tactical game... Or just fire up the original and unbeaten classic GR

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