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Connection Speeds.

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According to the cable groups I read, it makes no difference in theory. Personally I think it does, but I don't have any data to back it up. I' pretty sure when I went from 1Mb to 20Mb my pings dropped. It would be an interesting test, I suppose if someone with a fast connection felt inclined, they could use a tool to limit their data transfer rate in increments, and see how it affected game pings.

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I dont have any numbers but a few months back I tried to save a few bucks and dropped mine down to 256k from 512k and it had bursts of lag. My download was like at 3 or 5 mb so it should have been fine. I couldn't take it so I had to go back to 512k up and 7mb down and it runs great again. This was while playing GRAW2 of course.

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Does anyone know if you go with a faster internet speed if it helps your pings or what. On cable with a 256 upload but they have a 1 mg upload service and before I get it. I wanted to find out if it helps your pings or what. Any ideas. Thanks


Technically: NO

The same lines & connectors, the only thing changing is the CAP rate, but if they have to physically move your line connector to a faster router/hub or uplink then you may see a difference. Ping is a measure of latency (delay) from you to the destination & back. In the days of modems (dial up) you broke connection at the end of the session so pings could change as you might reconnect to a different point at the ISP.

I return ping Dallas Tx USA from UK @ 125mS from 1, 10 & 20mb modems a friend in London has a 140mS ping to the same point, he is on ADSL, I'm Cable but the route to the Tans-Atlantic pipe is different for both, he is closer to the main up link point but my run is cleaner.


p.s. nice tool



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Don't be surprised,because those ,,packages,, are always UP to certain megabytes (or megabites,damn, don't remember.)which is, let's say, you have choosen connection ,,up to 8 mb,, but actually you manage to achieve around 5 mb, and you can't do anything.It is affected how far are you from exchange station, how many people share that line to the exchange station, the time when everybody is watching porn :-D etc.So i don't think that the change of ,,package,, could help.Another provider maybe.

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