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Dodging Bullets

Doc. Caliban

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Just a month into the season:


The last big one that hit here was George in 1998, 10 years ago now, but it clobbered the island like nobody's business. It passed to the south, missing Saba for the most part, and the it turned around and came back. Not satisfied with that, it stopped moving and parked it's CAT5 ass practically on top of the little 5-square mile island for a few days. Winds on the island were measured at 175 mph before the equipment broke.

But hey, cheap lobster, free tropical fruit, not a single traffic light, and my 'commute' is a 40-minute hike through the rain forest. I'll find away to cope. :rocky:


/Oops, and I allowed to use Rocky's personal emoticon?

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Up where I am at, we are forecast to get the remnants of Hanna with tropical force storm winds or possibly a catagory 1 hurricane strength storm through the area. I even have to work Saturday when the storm is supposed to come through, not to mention the Sprint Cup Race in Richmond Saturday night. :o

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