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Nvidea Graphics Issue


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Have a buddy with a graphics issue. First off he went for a Radeon HD 2600 XT 512 mb. But could only locate PCIe drivers! So he now has a nvidia 7600GT (512mb). Running 1.5GB ram, and a new 600w power supply. single cpu 3.0ghz.

Ghost recon and raven shield we have this:



He has the latest driver and has ran the dxdiag tests with no problems. I`ve not seen this before and have no clues what it could be.

Looking for ideas..


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thx for posting Tink

@ Rocky: have a tool running to check CPU/GPU temperature,

all fine, card is correctly powered and recognized by my system

case has had a good cleaning 2 weeks ago, enough fans to get air


@ wombat: i will try going back to an older driver, see if that

works; tree model details are on the highest setting

my specs are as follows:

CPU: Athlon 3000+

MB: ASUS A7N8X-E deluxe

RAM: 1.5 GB

Video card: MSI NX 7600 GT 512 mb (AGP)

Display: Philips 190S

Power supply: 550w

what bothers me is that GR worked perfect with my pretty old video card (geforce2, 5600) and now a bought a newer one for playing ArmA/ CoD 4 and even [GR] won´t work :(

any help appreciated, i will keep trying different things



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Is this a general problem or only in GR?

Did you remove any old drivers, using DriverCleaner?

Afterwards run ccleaner both the cleaning and the registry cleaning?

As to the ATI card: if you haven't got a driver cd, you can let Windows Update find the driver for you.

These guys have optimized ATI drivers:


and btw they're working with Nvidia (!) to transfer PhysX to Radeon cards but this has taken a while and seems to have fallen asleep.

Let's know how you're doing.


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@ [NH]8R: all done by the book, uninstalled all old drivers, ran Driver cleaner and Cab cleaner, installed new video card + drivers, updated drivers but still no luck...and this effects all games or 3D actions on my PC

ATI card is gone back, changed for the MSI 7600 GT

right now i´m back to my old GeForce FX 5700, runs with no problems, finally i can play GR and RvS again :)

plan is to upgrade my PC at the end of the year or early next year, but this will be a complete PC rebuild(MB/CPU/RAM/videocard)

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Could be interesting to find out if the 7600 card works in another rig.

Which drivers do you use for the 5700?

I checked the Asus site for any BIOS updates but the only one they have is for an ATI 9700 card.

Have you made any changes in the BIOS or is it set at default settings? Also thinking if your cpu runs optimally.

One of the best AGP boards btw.

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