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ARMA II will be at Leipzig GC 2008 on FRIDAY 22nd Aug 2008

Dear Mr.Xxxxxx,

ArmA2 will be shown in the business area mainly.

However we have some good news: there will be some Live presentations with real ingame material on some of the public booths.

Currently we have talks with some magazines that could show live scenes on their booths.

A ArmA2 live presentation with developer Bohemia Interactive is scheduled for Friday midday.

This presentation will be available via stream on Friday, late evening.

As soon as we know more we will post detailed dates on our website, petergames.de .


Look out this Friday for ARMA 2 details & Videos :allgood:

UH-1Y Venom in-game ARMAII

Maruk here - project lead of Flashpoint since 1998 (which we signed with Codemasters in September 2000 to finally bring you our Operation Flashpoint in June 2001) and now after years, with some more grey hair on my head, project lead of ArmA II.

We were quite silent in recent months and I guess that will not change much anytime soon - busy working on ArmA II to make it as good as we can. We know ArmA was often a rough experience, especially from the beginning but we worked as hard as we could to bring you what it is now: ArmA 1.14.

ArmA II development is going well and it is in many aspects a similar experience to that of developing Flashpoint - and that's also the reason why we need a bit more time so ArmA II definitely will not be released this year in any territory. Hopefully, this time will not only help us to create a much better game but also will allow the ArmA community to produce some more great content for ArmA.

It's a very exciting and challenging time for us. Please wish us luck!

Attached are some brand new ArmA II screenshots for your reference (screen grabbed on my gold old rig: Core2Duo 6750 2.66 GHz + GF8800GT/512 + 2 GB RAM):



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DOWNLOAD 94 Mb it's in German


19mins 30sec long (ALL IN GAME)

@4min 30sec it goes ingame, showing Editor & game

I don't speak much German but does the presenter for BIS confirm release 2008 !!!! 17min 30 sec? if he is (and I think he did) send B.I.S. a present for their Christmas tree.

Streaming video link (enjoy) ;)



p.s. I had the the German translated "Release is for 4th Quarter 2008"

I got alot of negative comments, it will slip etc etc... no pleasing anyone these days, .. rabble ;)

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It's just a nitpick, but it would be nice if they spent the extra 5min and researched the correct way the patches go on the uniforms. That said, if that's all I gotta worry about, I'll be impressed.

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OK, my German is rather rusty, but most of the info is the stuff also found in various articles, a few bullet points:

- The AI will be very autonomous.

- There will be hand signs.

- 32 players online. USMC personnel (possibly using the "pro" VBS2) have played LAN games with 100+ players.

- Theoretical view distance is 10km, so the hardware is the limit. The footage shown has a 3km view distance. Something like sniper shots (with heavy sniper rifles) at 1.5+km is possible.

- Map is 500+ square km.

- There will be six factions in the game, including USMC, Russia and "Black Russia". The latter is a fictional former Soviet Republic where trouble is brewing and where the game takes place. As the developer notes, this is rather closer to reality (Georgia) than BIS had expected.


krise madsen

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U can also read Wolle's comments about what he saw in Leipzig at armaholic.com:


Also there is a video streaming here:


About the video i don't see so much different to ArmA, but i have to say that ArmA v1.14 has nothing to do with ArmA when it came out and it's very playable and enjoyable.

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