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Adding Maps To A Dedicated Server

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right ok, just got my server, very excited got onto it and only found a few maps to play and all different game modes. as i wanted to play coop for a while i wanted to add some coop maps. i downloaded two such maps "coop_damnight_v3" was one of them.

i stopped the server and placed it into the custom levels folder on the ftp and added the name of the map to the dedicated_game_info.xml file and restarted the server. but the server is not starting at all. can anyone give me some instruction on how to add maps to a dedicated server step by step. PLEASE......

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It sounds like you have done all the right things, but just to be sure it has to look something like this when you add a map on the dedicated xml


<match_info level="hh_grand_valley" order="22">


The way I normally do it to be on the safe side, is start my own server (on own pc)with the new maps i want, then copy the new map cycle from the game_info.xml to the dedicated_game_info.xml file.

It is so easy to miss something when editing the xml file, if you miss a > or a " then it wont load.

Good luck.


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