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Setting Up Wireless


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I'm having a bit of trouble setting up my cable modem, router, and wireless AP. Right now, I have my cable modem sitting at as well as the router. The router is setup for DHCP so the people connected in grab an IP address and then are on the internet. The WAN ethernet is going from that port on the router to the cable modem. However, when I plugged in the wireless AP and went to set it up, I lost Internet. I had it setup for the same ip address ( Do I need to have my router setup as a router or gateway? I can figure out the security stuff for the wireless, I just need to get the initial setup working.... ;)


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Buehgler is right.

Every device/host needs a different IP address. For example, if your router/gateway is, then you could assign for your wireless AP. Static IPs are a good idea for things like routers, APs, and proxy servers.

I also suggest that you check your wireless access point for a built-in DHCP setting. Turn it off. Your router should be the only device issuing addresses.

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