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Creating Objects (eg. Bottles)


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Hi all,

A member of my clan has 3DSM and is making a map model and various other bits for GR:AW2. As a test, he sent me a model of a bottle to get into the game. He sent me a .diesel file and a .bmp texture file.

My first step was to convert the bmp to a a dds, simple. I then created xml files to setup the object as a unit and so on as per the instructions in Galor's post here:


No joy. I was hoping for the object to appear in the small static section in the editor but it does not appear anywhere. I had previously had success importing props brushes this way (to great effect :))

Can anyone point me at a step by step guide? Could anyone write one? Do I need more from the modeller (eg. bump maps, diffuse maps, etc - I don't know what these are but I can follow instructions!).

Thanks for your time,


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Hello PT_Frank :)

If I understood correctly, unable to display the object in the list of the editor. So this?

Surely there is something wrong with the object you've created within the folder UNITS.

You must create XML and put the same name of the object (if called bottle, which is u_bottle)

You can put here the content of XML files for review and see if there was any mistake :thumbsup:

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