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Gr Patch 1.3 And 1.4 Don't Like Modern Computers...


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I have come to the conclusion that there is just something about patched 1.3 and 1.4 for Ghost Recon that some modern systems just don't like

I have spent about six hours and a few bucks trying to get Ghost Recon and both expansion packs to run on my new computer. I am just giving up.

Basically, Ghost Recon and Desert Siege run fine, but when I install the 1.3 or 1.4 patches OR the Island Thunder expansion pack (which i understand upgrades the game to 1.3 I get the a crash to desktop trying to start the game. I don't even get a error message. I get a black screen, sometimes the hourglass moving, and then it crashes out no error message, no nothing.

The screaming clue is there is no problem until the patches or the Island Thunder pack is applies. Then the crash happens.

This first happened using the Ghost Recon gold DVDs. I then did some experimenting and found out that the patches were the problem. I then spent a few bucks buying non gold copies of Island Thunder and Desert Siege, but in the end it did not help. I can play The original and the Desert Siege pack, but not the Island Thunder pack because of the 1.3 issue.

I don't think it is a video card problem because, by exploring the forum here I found it happening on both ATI and Radeon cards, and what's more, whenever a specific card is mentention as the culprit someone posts that it runs fine on their computer using the card.

It must be something else in the patches that some modern systems don't like.

I would post the In game error log except there is nothing to post.

Does anybody have any idea what the problem is?

And No, I will not report this to UBI soft because it is a waste of time. They are not supporting the original games any longer.

I think I have narrowed down the problem to some issue with modern computer systems and the 1.3 and 1.4 patches.Any rough ideas.?

I am running XP SP3 with a 3gz duo core (is this possibly the problem) 4 gigs of memory and a Nivdia 86OO card with 512 gigs of memory.

This is a serious problem ,and has been mentioned a lot in this forum. That is leaves no errors or clues is one reason why it seems to be so hard to solve.

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Your system spec mirrors that of people who have GR running fine, the only thing I can't say that 100% for is SP3. Actually, I don't even know if it's maybe installed on my system via automatic updates - how can you tell if SP3 is installed?

Have you checked XP Control Panel Admin error Log to see what's recorded just after the game crashes?

What sound card have you got?

Post up a dxdiag.


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I built my machine couple months ago - XP SP3, Q6600, 2G, 512M 8800 GTS and [GR] and Island Thunder run without problem (so far) - the only GR issues I have had are a single crash back to desktop after dying in the quarry in a GRAW2 campaign and an inability to run the Frostbite 1.2 Mod on [GR] (haven't bothered taking the time to investigate this.)

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SP3 installed here. Also have a similar spec to the above.

First off, forget about graw, nothing to do with this issue. Can you state exactly how you install and try to play game?

For info. If you have GR/DS/IT forget about patch 1.3 altogether.

Next you have gold edition which i suspect is already patched to 1.4.

Can you install GR/DS/IT, without patches, and can you start the game? If so on the first screen, can you state if which version it is showing like here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/fileman/users/tinker/1.4.jpg v1.4.0.0



Also in the Ghost Recon folder is a file named IKE.log, open it and at the top it will also list your current game version, like this:

***** User's system configuration *****

CPU: GenuineIntel 3000 MHz Pentium 4

RAM: 2047 MB

O/S: Microsoft Windows 2000 5.1 Service Pack 3 build 2600

Ghost Recon (RELEASE) version =

Rocky: how can you tell if SP3 is installed?

Right click "my computer" and select properties.


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Confirming what Tink said,

when installing the Gold Edition it automatically patches the game to 1.4.

For the CD version of it, 1.4 is applied with the install of disc 2.

I suppose with the DVD version it applies it straight away.

It may be problematic if trying to apply 1.3 and 1.4 over the game if it is already patched to 1.4

I would myself try a thorough uninstall/reinstall.

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^ A proper uninstall is a must too.

I remember once having an issue uninstalling, so i just went in and deleted the folders and ran a registry cleaner. Able to install GR/DS but not IT. Turned out i still had a uninstaller, found in Start/all programs/red storm ent/ghost recon. After running that it was fine.

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Can you install GR/DS/IT, without patches, and can you start the game? If so on the first screen, can you state if which version it is showing like here:

The problem is that apparently the IT disc automatically updates to 1.3, or adds some programming that is in 1.3 evenif it is not an official 1.3 update.

As state before, no problem with GR or DS, but once I add IT it crashes.

And I can't even get to the first screen. The game just crashes after a breif back screen. There is also a tiny white square in the middle of the desktop before the dark screen as the game tries to load. There is no error message, which adds to the problem since at least whenyou get a error message you have an idea of what the problem is.

BTW same exact problem when I try to Run Sum Of All Fears, which is pretty much just a mod of the Ghost Recon engine.

I am going to give it a rest for a couple of days, and then maybe next week try again.

Thanks for the replies, though.

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