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Early Birthday Presents For Me


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Hoge OM GHILLIE Green Stock

Harris UL Bipod

Tasco Golden Antler Series Scope (cheap, nice, crystal clear) - bought the wrong size rail for this, so I don't have it installed just yet. Feels and looks like a great scope (for under $50!). Can't wait to take her to the range.

A+ to Cabela's for customer service. I'm moving, their projected date of delivery was 4 days to late. I called, and it arrived today (instead of monday). However... B- for their Orders Department... I THOUGHT I ordered my stock for the standard barrel, and somehow I got one for a BBL. Upon further inspection I see there was no indication from Cabela's regarding what size barrel it was for. So I guess it's partly my fault for not triple checking sizes and theirs for not telling me what size it is. Whatever, no big deal. A small gap to deal with for another 18+ days until my birthday... then I'll get a BBL. Anyway, here are some pics.

*Pardon the mess, I'm moving out tomorrow. Ehhh... :mellow:




Different Lighting


Different Lighting


Part of the family - not everyone is pictured.


Mock-Up of final assembly. Just need a different rail.

EDIT: Finished... for now. Need a new BBL and to mediablast/refinish.





First impressions...

I ######ING LOVE IT!

This thing is hot. It feels nice, has a great weight. The Hogue stock is great. Why buy anything else? The scope just feels so right, and looks bad ass on there. And.. it's a Harris bipod, 'nuff said.

Range report later - barrel shopping right now, seeing as I now have a slightly annoying gap to fill :devil:

Oh yeah... total price... including the rifle...


And with .22lr at ~$13/550rds - you can bet I'm gonna shoot the crap out of this thing.

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Thanks Whisper.

I've had nothing but roaring success with Remington Gold. The only problems I've had are because of my VERY dirty magazine. I'm going to buy a couple extras and deep clean the one I have now. Federal Bulk goes for cheap too.

Once I get my new barrel I'll get a little more selective on ammo. But at the end of the day, it's still a .22lr. Next project (in the rimfire family) is a little bolt action. Haven't picked one yet though.

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Winchesters Dynapoints in the bulk box used to be some of the best stuff for the price. I'm not even sure if you can still get it, its been a few years since I've shot my 10/22 beyond a few rounds for fun or extermination jobs. I've got a Bushnell Banner in 6-18x40AO that I switch between my 10/22 and the 96/17. It's a good reach "out and touch 'em" scope for a small price, as is the Simmons Whitetail Classic.

My birthday is coming up on the 22nd. Makes me feel like splurging on an Aimpoint or Eotech for my AR. ;)

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