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How do you effectively control team AI ?

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Having read that there's no such thing as a silly question around here I'd like some advice on how best to utilise my team when playing GRAW2. I am new to the game (and I picked up the original GR at the same time - discovering both at the same time is an interesting experience)

So I know the mechanics of controlling my team - the keys to press when on the tactical map, how to use the middle mouse button to give orders, using G to get their POV, etc - but I don't know how best to use them. I can order them to move around (assuming I give them enough waypoints to ensure they don't take a daft path to their destination :rolleyes: ) and I can set them up to cover an area but getting them to effectively attack targets I am really struggling with (lot's of claims of 'cannot take that shot' by the team so you have to move them so they can see the enemy at which point they become target practice.)

So really I'd just like to get a feel from more experienced people about how you utilise your teams (or do you pretty much go solo and just get a bit of cover from them?) The contrast with [GR] is interesting in the ability to control any of your team members in [GR] gives it a different dimension.


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The AI is pretty bad, so the only thing I every really had them do is follow me wherever I go. Most of the time they're pretty good at shooting back at someone (except helicopters and tanks, they're horrible at that) so if I'm moving around I'll have them follow in recon mode until we get spotted, then I put them in assault mode. If I have to defend a little piece of land then I'll order each one behind cover and to to cover a long ways out via the crosscom (tab). In there you can click where you want the guys to go and hold the left mouse button to have them face a certain direction to suppress that area. Works fairly well.

Hope this helped!

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