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Gr Mods On Dvd


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Well, after so many gamers received your great dvd-collection - how about a fun-night - playing Ghost Recon and try some of these Mod´s?

YES come on Rocky how about a "Recon Reformed" night :yes::thumbsup: you know it makes sence

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The DVDs are burnt to order so they are always bang up to date with the very latest missions. The 7th DVD, the Movie one, is sent out with all orders now.

Some of the DVDs are absolutely full now though, not a spare megabyte, so I'm going to have to reorganise the collection a little!

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The packaging looks very nice! While I have many mods it will be fun to look through the set and find many that are new to me. It will be a long time before I uninstall gr again. Looking forward to getting the set.

:D You've done a great service for the GR community with this amazing collection :D

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This 6 set DVD collection totalling just under 700 Ghost Recon Mods is the largest collection available anywhere. It contains work created by fans of Ghost Recon for fans of Ghost Recon from 2001-2008.


Each individual mod is stored in its own folder, complete with patches to the latest version. Some of these files are from my personal collection and are not available anywhere else. Also included are almost 200 pdf documents of screenshots, reviews, walkthroughs and details created exclusively for this collection. This truly represents the final word in Ghost Recon mod collections.

The Collection is organised as follows.

DVD 1 CAMPAIGNS [94 mods]



DVD 4 part A MAPS [92 mods]

DVD 4 part A(i) MAPS – RETEXTURED [19 mods]

DVD 4 part B MISSIONS [116 mods]


DVD 5 part B EQUIPMENT – SKINS [51 mods]

DVD 5 part C EQUIPMENT – WEAPONS [81 mods]

DVD 6 part A GAMETYPES [15 mods]

DVD 6 part B MEDIA [20 files]

DVD 6 part C MODDER RESOURCES [56 files]

DVD 6 part D MODDING TOOLS [21 files]

DVD 6 part E MODS [24 mods]

DVD 6 part F OFFICIAL PATCHES [5 patches]

DVD 6 part G OTHER [10 files]

DVD 6 part H SOUNDS [4 files]

DVD 6 part I TOOLS [7 files]



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Hey thales100, since you've been making us drool with your wide screen screeshots, could you further tease us, maybe in the Computer Thread, picturesss of your set up and pc??? your avatar is way too small for most of us aging members 0:)

Yes, ill post a pic when i can run GR at 5040x1050 with proper FOV and AR, a widescreen solution for the game is very close, ill open a thread about this soon :

4:3 x 16:9


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wow thats really cheap for what your getting. when i get the money together and my site done i'll buy a set but at the mo everything is costing a bomb.

I need to get the GRAw2 one as well and any updates to it but yeah out of all the things I have spent money on over the last couple years this was well worth it. Like I said before a must own.

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