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Gr Mods On Dvd


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did lightspeed's newest sniper mod make it on time to get on the discs or should I go ahead and download it?

Oh yeh, it's on it. Basically, anything and EVERYTHING that's in the download section, plus about 150-200 other mods is on these disks LOL!

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Rocky, this is a very generous gesture of you to put in this amount of work and without asking for anything in return.

Very nice of you indeed. Both :thumbsup:

No biggie, it was a combination of having a new toy to play with (the DVD labelling kit) and a desire to really wrap up the GR mods once and for all - I got a bit OCD about it all, infact I just about used up my entire 2 week holiday putting it together, but it feels goooood, knowing the collection is complete.

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package received today. boy am i gonna have a wonderful time playing all these mods. I still cant believe while i was trying my hardest to enjoy my PS2 ghost recon , people were making such excellent and enjoyable mods.

Thanks Rocky for putting this set together and all you modders out there who put a lot of time in making fantastic mods.

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just received my dvds today!!! thanks alot rocky a great job indeed! i cant wait to start playing these mods! :thumbsup:

You have to admit the postal service is pretty remarkable, Scotland to the US in 6 days, for you both.

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So do we have to download the DEA Most Wanted mod.

I assume that since it is out today, it is not on the DVD's


You could download it.

Oh I forgot to mention, that there's a huge bonus on some of the DVDs, I think it's on most of the ones that went out already - it's the 9MS mod, in the Full Conversions DVD. This huge new mod isn't even out yet, by Tinker said it would be okay to put it on the DVDs, treat it as a beta, but it's a huge content filled mod :thumbsup:

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