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Gr Mods On Dvd


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Simply excellent, GR is was an important part of my life and it's great to conserve all these mods in the way they deserve. :)

But I'm sure few mods could be still created/discovered so I would propose to make a new category under the Download section for them

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The boxes have arrived, I've weighed them and calculated the cost of mailing these out including postage, packing, box, DVD, label, ink, paypal fee. Here's the costs in four currencies.


All payments by PAYPAL to rocky@ghostrecon.net. Anyone with a credit card can pay through Paypal.


Delivery = 1st Class



Delivery period = Up to 6 days

€9.66 Euro


Delivery period = Up to 6 days

$17.68 USD

$18.85 AUD


Note : This is a limited time offer, making up 6 DVDs and printing 6 labels everytime might get old really fast.

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Well I must be stark raving MAD.

I just went and created a pdf files for every custom campaign that record the mods information page, the mod review, and in some cases forum discussion and also mod walkthroughs! The PDFs are filed next to each mod on the disk.


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do the disc come or have any kind of mod descriptions? or info?

Some of the mods do but not them all. Some modders put mods out without a readme file, so for those I am trying to include a pdf with info to assist in installing and running the mod. But with well over 1000 files it's not going to be possible to do them all.

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outstanding job rocky!! :thumbsup: one question, is it possible to add mods to the dvds if any new ones are released?

That's the reason I am doing this now - the amount of mods released from this point onwards for Ghost Recon will be tiny - the amount released so far though is huge. Now is the right time to do this and preserve all these great mods.

So while you can't add mods to these DVDs, the chances of you needing to are very slim. On the occasion something does crop up, we can also add on special update disks.

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Here's another bonus, I've just spent 2 days sifting through Gbs of unfiled mods on my HD and included them on the DVDs in the correct categorys. There mods are not online at GR.net, and I doubt very much if they are available anywhere else. Here's the list.

Line of Fire Campaign

Frostbite No MP Music

Desert Pak campaign

Ice Phantom Weapons mod

Captains Nest map

CSK British commandos

10mm tower

A Team Desert

Advanced Training Map

All Boonies

Anime Mission

Weapon attachments


GI Joe Char Pack - modders

R6 Character Pack - modders

Blakops Weapons

BoB Italian

Swedish folder in Combo folder

CASM Woodland

Shattered League Game Types

Character Chooser tool

ChariVari Gametype

Civil War campaign

Chaingun Carnage mission (RS map)

Dead Presidents Mission

Corax Map

Weapon making tutorial (RIP Pain)

Delta Force CQB skins

Docks Night Retextured Map

Desert Stealth Recon skins

Reticule Mod, drunk bob

Official RSE Modding Tools and Tutorials

Island Thunder overlays

FNG retextured maps

Full Intention missions


DS Unlocker

Genius Skins

Godz Island Mission

GRS Map Pack 1

Modding Trees Tutorial

GR Kit Matrix

Heli Missions

GRT Mod Campaign

GRWK Combo

Hitman Arsenal Weapons and Missions mod

Sniper Map

IGS Winter TRR maps

Invisible Sniper Skins

Island Village Night rextextured map

JLW Gunning weapons

Kit Constructor Modding Tool

MEU Soc Mod Campaign

Operation Spanish Mist Missions

Marine Rescue Mission

McNabbs Missions

Met Preview Map

Mine Mission

Firestorm Assault Campaign

NT Project campaign

Clan Conflict Skins

Preachers Gametypes

Project Cueball skins

Psycho Dad winter Mod (Campaign)

Phantom Mod combo

Preachers Maps

QuackJack mission

Randomizer missions

DVS1 Reticle aimpoint (already in?)

Rodina campaign

RSE Level building Update

RSI Freaky Friday Misc. Mods

No Full Auto Misc.

Stealth Recon Skins

New Siege Missions

Team Warzone gametypes

Thumpers Weapon Mod

Desert Tigers Skins patch

Traffic Jamb map

Urban Warrior Skins

USMC Desert Skins

USMC MEU 11 Patch combo

USMC Marine Core skins

Vietnam Weapons

Walking Dead Army combo

Winter GR beta .

Swedish Forces combo mod

XE full combo

winter railroad bridge retexture

Farm winter retexture



Real Greande sound mod

British Army skins (YGUK)


Hurricane Weather missions

Opposing Forces

Hold the Fort missions

Silent Wolf mission

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I wated to make sure I didn't miss anything, so I've had one big final push and thanks to a list Thales sent me a few months back I've also rounded up and included all these!!!

Desert Tigers

Norwegian Camoflage

Realistic Wound Textures

Yguk British Forces Skin Mod

Real Grenade Explosion Sounds

JLW Gunning Mod

K-Bomb Mod

Mine Map v1.2

Hurricane Weather

Hamrdeye MP Map Pack v1.0

Ghost Recon Opposing Forces Mod

Hold the Fort

=ROM= Operation Silent Wolf

All Characters Mod

Line of Sight

Night to Day Mod

FS Night/Day Total Reversal

GR Extended Weapon Kits

Ultimate Mercenaries Mod Gold

Enhancement Pack for Team Rainbow2 Mod

Armored Core - Wolves of War Specialists

KSK Mod 2.0

Airbase - Day

Firestar's Christmas Mod

Ghost Scenery Mappack

Gunslinger's Maps v1.01

Desert City v1.04

SealZ Night Island Village

Psycho Dad Winter Mod

Short Time Missions -

Ownage [DS]

Missions with Sauce v1.0

Bifs map pack 10 - (DS) Tanks a lot!

Neyvns Sniper-Missions v2

EBC GR-CoOp Missions

McNabs Missions

Bifs map pack 8 - (DS) Oil Warz

Jahaba SAR Patrol [DS]

Bifs map pack 7 - (DS) Bikini Bomber maps

Inc. V1.0 for DS

Attack Stronghold

NGRU Crazies Machine Gun Madness Map Pack 1

Operation Snakebite V3.0

Das Missions

Team Random Respawn

ServerSide Project

Bifs Light Maps

Capture The Road

Bifs map pack 6

Bright Shadow

Sniper Patrol

TAW Weapons Power Pack V1.04

=DRAG= Mod v1.0

HK OICW weapons mod

JN_Armoury M134 Minigun Mod

-=[Elite]=- Multiplayer Mod

Realistic M82 Barrett Mod

M82 silencer/20 round clip


AO77 - MOD for Ghost Recon

West Bank Warriors

CASM(W)1.2 Full

Till we Die

Punkz Skins Mod v2.0 Final

Sniper's Challenge v1.0


Double Trouble

Hunt For Osama

Tank Buster/Village Defence

Southern Comfort


Apple Peeler

Hotel California


Carpe Diem

The Shootist


Ungrassy Knolls

Swamp Gas


35mm Camera

Low Glow Night Vision Googles

Bunkers 2002

Abandoned Buenos Aires

The Market

Shollow Creek

New York City

The Prison

PaintBall Mod 2

ShootOut v2

Diemaco C7

pHASERS mOD V1.0 /s]

All Out War v3.0

Special Ops Mod 2.0

Ghost Recon Weapon Addon Pack v2.21

Scoped Weapons

Steyr AUG F-88/GL Mod v2.0

F-18 Strike

HK Assault Special

SG 550 Sharpshooter

M79 Grenade Launcher Mod v1

Rambo Mod v1

GR Single Player Platoon Extender v2.0

Iron Shield

The Real Ghosts

G8 Special Forces

Female MP Players v1.2

Team Rainbow

SFOR 2010

BRAVO 2-5 v1.0

Ghost Recon Desert Siege Mod

Larocket83 Paintball v1.0

Mike's Desert Boonie Mod v2

Mike's Desert Boonie v2.1 Patch

Ghost Recon Paintball

=SEALZ= Equipment Mod v1.0

Embassy Revisited

MP06 Map

PDL Artillery Support Mod For Ghost Recon

Sniper Kill

Mikes Urban Mod

Viper Skins by Viper

Genius Skins v1.0 by ~NkOgNiTo~

NCM Desert Stealth Recon by Nightmare

NCM Jungle Stealth by Nightmare

NCM Stealth Recon Part 2 by Nightmare

NCM Stealth Recon by Nightmare

NCM A-Team Desert Mod by Nightmare

CASM Woodland 1.2

NCM A-Team Mod by Nightmare

MEU (SOC) Mod by Lloyds Mods

Ding Chavez Skin by Greymeister

Jesse Ventura Skin by Greymeister

SnowAngel SAS Mod by SnowAngel

Insomniax Specialists Mod v1.0 by *IX*Led Mirage

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Thanks so much for the hard work Rocky.

I started trying to download the files but it was just taking too much time.

I added a little extra for your hard work. Sorry it wasn't more but I am in the process of adopting a child (Adopting is expensive). I couldn't pass up this collection as Ghost Recon has been on my hard drive (actually several hard drives) since the beginning.


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Thanks so much for the hard work Rocky.

I started trying to download the files but it was just taking too much time.

I added a little extra for your hard work. Sorry it wasn't more but I am in the process of adopting a child (Adopting is expensive). I couldn't pass up this collection as Ghost Recon has been on my hard drive (actually several hard drives) since the beginning.


Thanks mate, it does take a lot of time because despite my best efforts to keep them all here at GR.net, there are some that remain scattered around the web - until now, because they are all on the DVDs! :D

I should start mailing them out on Wednesday :thumbsup:

Best wishes with the adoption. :)

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The collation process is complete, the readme file is on DVD 1 (see below), so the burning starts today, shipping all orders received so far by Friday.



Produced : August 2008

Rocky www.ghostrecon.net


This 6 set DVD collection totalling just under 700 Ghost Recon Mods is the largest collection available anywhere. It contains work created by fans of Ghost Recon for fans of Ghost Recon from 2001-2008.


Each individual mod is stored in its own folder, complete with patches to the latest version. Some of these files are from my personal collection and are not available anywhere else. Also included are almost 200 pdf documents of screenshots, reviews, walkthroughs and details created exclusively for this collection. This truly represents the final word in Ghost Recon mod collections.

The Collection is organised as follows.

DVD 1 CAMPAIGNS [94 mods]



DVD 4 part A MAPS [92 mods]

DVD 4 part A(i) MAPS – RETEXTURED [19 mods]

DVD 4 part B MISSIONS [116 mods]


DVD 5 part B EQUIPMENT – SKINS [51 mods]

DVD 5 part C EQUIPMENT – WEAPONS [81 mods]

DVD 6 part A GAMETYPES [15 mods]

DVD 6 part B MEDIA [20 files]

DVD 6 part C MODDER RESOURCES [56 files]

DVD 6 part D MODDING TOOLS [21 files]

DVD 6 part E MODS [24 mods]

DVD 6 part F OFFICIAL PATCHES [5 patches]

DVD 6 part G OTHER [10 files]

DVD 6 part H SOUNDS [4 files]

DVD 6 part I TOOLS [7 files]


Installing Ghost Recon Mods

All Ghost Recon mods are installed in their own new folder in the Ghost Recon Mods folder. So if you have a mod called "New York" installed, you will see a folder called "New York" in the Ghost Recon mods folder. All Ghost Recon mods should be contained in this manner.

Once you have selected a mod it will either be a compressed archive like a zip or rar file, or it will be an exe installer.

If it is a zipped up file like a .zip or .rar you should decompress the file to a temporary location, make sure the entire contents are in their own folder (named after the mod), and then simply drag that folder into the Ghost Recon mods folder.

If it is an exe installer, simply run the file and it will auto install into a new folder in the mods folder. If you have installed GR to a drive other than C: please ensure the installer points to the correct drive.

Now start Ghost Recon and go to Options, then activate the mod from the listing on the left so that it appears on the right side of the screen. The mod is now activated.

For CAMPAIGNS, select NEW CAMPAIGN from the main menu, for MISSIONS select QUICK MISSION from the main menu.

EQUIPMENT mods will make the new files (weapons/camo) available in whichever mission you decide to play.

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