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Usvn - Looking For Mature Players

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GR:AW Specialists,

We, the USVN, are looking for mature players who love all things Ghost Recon.

We play GR, GR:AW1 and GR:AW2 and are damn proud of it.

GR:AW is the game we are playing extensively and we need some new players to join our ranks.

We are experienced players who play extended scenario based warfare, we play out [GR] missions in coop multiplayer as well as planned adversarial skirmishes.

Because we are interested in all types of skill levels ( as long as you have a mature attitude ) we have been around for a long time. Building better FPS combat gamers through skills training, tactics and teamwork focused game play.

Interested in modding or building custom maps... we got a place for you, we routinely craft custom mission scenarios that play out within exsisting GR game formats, custom game formats and on custom maps.. so if you are looking for that kinda stuff. We are looking for you.

Just wanna shoot and have fun... we are looking for you too.

Look for the USVN online, we are recruiting or send me an email: deathmerc at usvn.net or visit our website at www.usvn.net

CMCPO DeathMerchant USVN, SPECWAR Commander

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