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Centcom- Server Error

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Hi Guys,

This may be an old issue, so please forgive me.

I am having a GR COOP Mission run through tomorrow with the clan.

I have loaded CENTCOM v1.0 with CENTCOM -Remixed maps on my GR server, the exact same versions of CENTCOM with CENTCOM -Remixed is on my gaming machine when I connect via LAN or Internet.....

(these are 2 different XP machines & 2 different LEGAL and updated copies of GR1)

I get this error;

The server is running the following modification which you do not have installed:

Centcom Mod v1.0

Centcom Mod Team


- If I run CENTCOM from my game machine as a server... the members have no problem connecting to it.

Has anyone encountered this before, do you have a solution or idea what it could be?

Any help would be appreciated.

Death Merchant USVN

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I'm not sure if it's related, but I had a similar issue. I had two friends with CENTCOM installed because I recommended it. All three of us had the exact same game version and mod version, to the point where I had one of the folks upload their CENTCOM mod folder to me, so I was absolutely using the same files.

They could play together, but if I joined, all of us would CTD.

Unfortunately, I never found a solution.

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