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Graw Engine Is [NOT] Being Used Elsewhere! Socom...

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I noticed this today... that SOCOM confrontation is using the same graphics engine as GRAW...

Check out the link and click on a video to see for yourself:


Similarities- SAME type of overall graphics engine, you can notice the grainy look, the limited color hue, the very realistic lighting but very bright in some spots and very dark in other areas

-Same type of friendly unit marker-the blue diamond is used by both

-Same type of HUD display especially if you look at the bottom right that displays your gun and ammo

-Same type of TEXT font and character used in both to describe deaths and kills in multiplayer

-Did i mention SAME GRAPHICS?

the only difference that I see is a watered down version of the AGEAs physics used in GRAW. And the fact that this is third person and GRAW PC was first person. But that doesn't really matter when it comes to engine design...you just modify the interface and use the overall architecture for level design and change the character design as well as tweak the view option... if you notice, the same amount of area can be seen in both the first persona and third person views in the GRAW and SOCOM games respectively...they only changed where the character you play is located.

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All I see here is just another game that also use sepia effects and a urban level setting. If two developers use the same font and colours in their GUIs its kinda hard to make them look different. Engines use whatever font you want them to use ;)

I dont see how this is redered on GRIN's engine by looking at pictures. If thats the case I'm sure I can convince you that Arma was made on the Diesel engine too.

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Luisi stated that the game’s engine is completely new and not an upgrade or port of any previous SOCOM engine. When asked about gun performance, accuracy and gun spray he only commented that they’re still working on it.

Over The Shoulder View - One of the first questions I asked was about the new camera angle seen in videos of Confrontation gameplay. While still a Third-Person Shooter (TPS), early footage of Confrontation revealed a more GRAW-like over the shoulder (OTS) view for the player’s perspective.


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This is a silly and ridiculous thread. Post effects are used in every modern engine, you could get what you're describing out of just about anything on the market, or standard libraries if you're programming yourself.

GRAW PC, GRAW (360/ps3) singleplayer, and GRAW (360/ps3) multiplayer were running three different engines, too.

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