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New Yerli Interview Has My Head Scratching


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So in this interview, Yerli states that for every PC game sold , there is from 15 to 20 pirated versions.

Crysis worldwide sold about 1 million units, therefore he's saying between 15 and 20 million people played Crysis??

Heck, Gears of War for the super popular Xbox 360 only sold just over 3 million copies worldwide.

He finnishes the interview saying he wants Warhead to be PC exclusive and says he wants this platform to be the leader. But this isnt the first time we've heard him seemingly go overboard with statements regarding PC piracy.

Whats Yerli getting at?

We know there going toward multiplatform releases and I can't blame them $.

So is he trying to cover his rear and make PC gaming look less desireable than it already is for developers, or is he looking to drop the PC all together?


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I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that some of this is due to English not being his native language.

The stuff about upping the copy protection is worrying though. Considering all the "fun" we've had with Bioshock, Mass Effect and general EA douchebaggery, thigs could get interesting.

On the other hand, with Warhead apparently not having higher hardware requirements than Crysis (and many PC's being upgraded/replaced since then), Warhead might do well sales-wise.

What I don't get is CryTek's hesitation to go multiplatform. First he says Crysis will be the last PC-exclusive, then comes PC-exclusive Warhead (which is really a standalone expansion/mission pack, but let's ignore that for the moment) and then Yerli talks about Warhead being a litmus test to see if they'll go multiplatform or stay PC-exclusive in the future.

I can kinda understand him wanting to work on the PC platform, but if CryTek can make more money making console versions as well, then the more power to them. Nobody really mind. What they do mind is dumbed down gameplay (why does the industry insist that every console gamer is a pimple-faced teenage boy with ADD?) and actrociously coded ports (I'm looking at you Rainbow Six Vegas 2!).

I dunno. From my tac-shooter enthusiast perspective, Crysis felt like a luxury yacht stuck ferrying tourists across a lake.


krise madsen

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