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Where's The Damn Save Folder?

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What happened to the good 'ol days of a save folder being in your freaking game's primary folder?

Anyways, after searching the forum I saw that it's supposedly under appdata/graw2. The bad news? There's no such thing in my appdata.

I'm running Vista, and I can NOT find my save files!

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Try searching the drive for your in-game user name. I've been using Vista 64 for a while now, and it should be somewhere under your documents folder (not where you installed the game).


Somewhere in there.

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Tried that already. It's as if the save games are literally non-existent. What the hell? I mean, I beat the game last night and have all the games saved available to me in-game...they HAVE to be on the computer SOMEWHERE.

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Just to be clear, on Vista, the saves your are looking for are not stored anywhere near the game folder, they are in your windows vista settings/profiles folder. If you looked there and cannot see them is it possible they are invisible by default and you have to check your folder options to show system files etc...?

Wolfsong on Vista...

..... all the files containing settings and user profiles as well as compiled XMB files are inside your user accound folder.
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In vista try

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files

Note AppData is hidden so you need to see hidden files 1st.

Call of Duty and a lot of other games save there by default as they don't have permissions to write to the programs folder as it's protected in vista due to viruses and such.

Have a nice day!

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