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[dmg] Ps3 Adult Gamers Clan 21+ Recruiting "get Off My Lawn!&

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We are an adult (21+) gamers group looking for a few (1-3) new players. Most of us are 30+ with families and several Veteran/Active Duty members. We currently have about 28 members (M&F) and would like to add a little new blood. We play almost every game on the PS3. We encourage people new to online gaming to join us. We offer Training in all of the games we play and weekly "Custom Game" nights for R:FoM, CoD4 and GRAW2. We are also starting a High Stakes Poker Night this week. Like sports? We use the PS3's chat function to talk (Taunt) to each other during big sporting events like Football, NASCAR and Hockey(more fun than it sounds).

Most active on:

Resistance: Fall of Man



Rock Band :rolleyes: Not my favorite, but the ladies of [dmg] like it.

This link will take you to our Offical site. If you are interested post in the "Recruiting" section of our forum and we will get you into a few games with us. There is a very large and active forum that is only availible to members (6000+ posts last month) that you will not be able to view. Or, leave a reply and we'll go from there.

Damage, Inc. Site

This is the Offical recruiting Post from our Elder BASH93.

BASH93 posted:


damage, inc. is an extremely active clan that has a large enough membership to have a strong presence on several games; yet, it still has a close-knit, small clan feeling. How can this be done? Simply put, we are all friends. If you are looking for a clan that will allow you to simply play wearing their tag, or if you are looking to just be another number without any sense of ownership and pride, then this is NOT the clan for you. We allow our members to take an active role in something bigger. We have built a home with a solid foundation. This home is more important than the individuals living there. This home is damage, inc.

Our recruiting process is simple: We require new recruits to play within our party for a period of time. This will allow us to assess their attitude, compatibility and desire to be a part of a group; furthermore, this will give the potential member a chance to see what we are all about. In addition, we encourage our recruits to attend our training classes, and to post on any and all of the available forums. The easiest way to see if someone wants to be a part of damage, inc. is for them to jump in, and see what everyone is about. Obviously, having a mic in the game and a good sense of humor on the forum will benefit them greatly.

Once we have determined that they don't violate the no **bleep**bag rule, we may extend them a clan invite. That is it!!! Really simple. We do not do tryouts, or rake someone through the coals; conversely, we try to determine if their personality is compatible to ours.

Some things that we do want to make very clear:

1. We primarily do Team Objective games.

2. We want members who will participate in at least some of our activities.

3. We want members to be active both in the game(s) and on the forum(s)

4. We want members to play with other members the majority of the time.

5. We do not GB.

6. We demand our members wear their [dmg] tag in all of their games.

7. We want your primary account...not some part-time lover.

8. Yes, you must be 21 years or older.

As always, there may be rare exceptions to the rules that would fall under a Grandfather clause.


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