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Ruin's Two New AR-15s


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On my way home from Camp Shelby I stopped at Cardinal Armory in Mebane, NC for an awesome deal on stripped lowers. $109 + tax, OTD for Military. Got some parts to complete one yesterday, and just had to share - and show off my awesome pics. :hehe: Hoping to post with a new handgun in the coming weeks. shhh...

Stripped Lower (Tactical Innovations):




Magpul CTR:



The Parts and Work Area:


The Final Product:




Yeah, the second one is in the Work Area, still packaged. I'm hoarding Lowers in prep for November. :( Planning on having at least 8 in the safe, maybe 12. Sorry for misleading... nah, not really. :D

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On a lower by lower basis, buying complete seems to cost as much as getting a stripped lower and building, not as much fun, but still about the same. But, I plan on buying bulk lowers here soon and that's where the savings come in. $776 + s/h and ins. (~$836 OTD) for 8 lowers! :o That's amazing. That's as much as a brand new base model rifle. And that means I have 8 lowers that are safe and stored away. Plus these two make 10... and an unknown amount in the future. As long as lowers are for sale, I'll keep stock piling.

Good luck on yours Whisper! :)

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Thanks, I'm trying to keep my projects resonable..

The Sun Devil will go under my VIS2 setup immediately, and the CD-Defense is going to go Form4(?) and become a registered SBR, my Olympic that's currently on my VIS2 will likely become a dedicated .22lr setup for plinking.

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I'm a little worried about our political climate to be honest. So I want to get the stuff that can be regulated first. Also, while I'm overseas, I can still buy uppers and such from a distance and have them delivered to the house. Buying in bulk means only one trip to an FFL for transfer, background check, etc. Even if they sit in the safe for a few years, I've got them handy and at a good price for when I'm ready to build them up.

Looking to have a 5.45 upper this summer, a couple 9mm uppers (want the Gemtech upper), and a couple .22lr uppers with dedicated barrels. Will probably get a 6.8 or two also. Need different lowers for .308 though, that will come later. :)

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I'm really pleased with the CTR. It fits nice in my shoulder pocket. I'm excited to try it against my IBA, LBE and CamelBak :wacko:. The rubber pad provides great grip and seems to make transitioning from the low carry to a firing position a lot easier. I've been doing some "saftey-selection drills" with it and it just feels nice. Looking forward to getting an upper on it too.

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