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1.6 Patch Pre Released By Nvidia


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Big oops here. Apparently they have disabled the DL. Luckily for you The Lotus Vale is hosting the download as well.


If there are any problems or you see something that might need updating or have something in mind that you would like me to host, email me at

medic @ sierranovember6.com (Remove spaces)

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Sorry I cant help, the mods we run (custom maps and the Tactical Reality mod) work fine both for vista and XP players.

Does it say you are missing a file, one of our vista players had this problem and I simply sent it to him by xfire and he was good to go.

Good luck

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Included in the patch:


There is definitely no easy way to uninstall the patch. :(

1: Pain in the rear, spend 10 minutes re-installing game.

2: Find someone who has not patched, and compare files, remove ones they dont have, any you both have, have them send you. Risk messing it up and re installing anyhow.

Will keep a look out for any outside info. Must be someone out there with the same issues i guess.

Good luck


Found this so far...

Apr 23

Oops....News from 402 -

In the 1.6 patch which was going through test, we found a critical bug during QA which broke kill cams when playing with mods among other things which put a hold on it and put it back in development. We’re continuing to evaluate it and looking into releasing it when the map pack potentially hits PC. I’ll keep you updated as it progresses, but right now it won’t be coming out anytime soon while we track down this bug.

Some map modding issues:


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