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I'm trying to use Sniper Team on my mac, but I don't see all the custom snipers, and I don't have any ballistics..

I was wondering if there are any other mac users or other people who can help me with this...

(I have both IT and DS by the way)

If you need extra information just tell me :)

Thanks in advance ^_^

P.s. I do like the small scope... it's awesome!

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Thanks jojojoost, what do you mean by "I don't have any ballistics.. " ? Rifles dont have accuracy ? Are you shooting them on prone ?

Sniper rifles in Sniper Team will only have good accuracy with the shooter on prone position.


You will have the sniper rifles only in multiplayer , choosing the restriction kit called "Sniper Team - The Longest Kill" or if you activate the provided (inside Sniper Team folder) compatibility addon with a higher priority than Sniper Team mod.


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Ok it works :) i thought ballistic was something, that when a bullet has to travel a lot of distance it will drop... So you have to aim above your target... but i guess i'm wrong... Nice mod though :)

Cool, "ballistics" refering to Sniper Team are recoil, stabilization time, kill and velocity coefficients data, and are calculated using a software developted by Parabellum and DonMiguel called "Gun Ballistics Calculator" - http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...view&id=297 -depending on the cal of the weapon, its weight, toal lenght and barrel lenght.


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