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Nvidia Sponsors Free Downloadable Map Pack


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Finally, someone has figured out "hey, we have our jobs at stake here, lets keep PC players on there PC's"

This ends the debate about how activision was going to distribute (read - charge us money for it like the consoles) the new maps and content.

Lets hope this opens up the floodgates of PC and PC upgrade component makers stepping up and putting there clout behind keeping PC gamers happy.

After all, we are there meal ticket.

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Wow this is great news! Dang I also did not know GR.net had a CoD4 section. :thumbsup:

Hey Medic, long time no see brother, it figures you like Nvidia over ATI.....you always were kinda funny. :lol:

You've been missing out AZ there is even a gr.net nite on Friday and Saturday. Checkout Rocky's rules on this forum.

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