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Keyboard & Mouse Input Converter - XFPS

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Apparently there's a device (XFPS) that allows you to map practically all the controller inputs to keyboard and mouse input.

Anyone got any experience of this and how good it is? Looks like a cable connection so any ideas on how to use it with a wireless k/b and mouse would be welcome.


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Well, let me reply for you!

I bought one and it does map PS3 controller keys onto k/b and mouse. I've got one problem outstanding with GRAW2 though! The move forward command (I use the up arrow on k/b) maps across but the screen goes to a map view after a second or so !!! Stop moving forward and it reverts to normal view. Other movements, left, right and back, all work fine?

BTW wireless k/b and mouse do work, sort of, but its better to use USB k/b's and mice.


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