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I Can´t Render

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Hi all <_<

The problem is that I have already rendering this same map on several occasions. To give it a finished, I added "ambient_dummy" by the ground and in the interior of several buildings.

Saved, tried to render, but in the progress of render window, I see that: "not lightmaps to render!"

I tried to put an earlier version of what had (without "ambient_dummy"), I tried to delete this element to unit_list.xml and world.xml.

Even I extracted from my last .Bundle of evidence, the entire contents .... but always tells me the same thing: "no lightmaps to render!" :blink:

Can anyone help me? :wall:

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Hi P@po

I have already added Unwrap to Channel 4. I had to commit an error spot (which is what happens when you learn on the fly) :)

Only lack rendering...and new map ready ... :thumbsup:

Note: Anyone who can not finish is the first map ('ve already seen several post on the matter) on the problems I have with the shadows inside a tower and two hangars that I made in MAX.

Following indications of xdxxdy, and the tower that it generates shadow on the ground, but not achieving that generates within, and is very enlightened (unrealistic), even adding ambients_dummy :wall::wall::wall:


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