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Jason's Firefight Mod Is Back

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I'm sure its too late for alot of you and everyone has moved on by now. But for those of you that still play the game I'm working on converting my mods back over. Or at least this one.

Just put it in the local folder... you guys know the drill. The difficulty settings SEEM to apply. So maybe start out on easy. If your getting your rear end handed to you don't get frustrated and say its too hard and can't be done because I just completed a mission. So it can be. However, I do have the missions memorized. If your fairly new to the game you might want to hold off on this.

Alot of people wanted this mod converted over as well as my "Jason's Mod 2.0", but I got so burned out from modding I just couldn't handle it anymore. Well..... I'm back, at least for a bit anyway. I possibly may look into converting this over to GRAW2 as well. We'll see.

Please give feedback....of any kind, I don't care.


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Thanks for putting this up Jason. I just reinstalled GRAW from the GR pack on Steam and I remembered this mod. It's been a while so I can't really remember what it does. It's supposed to increase the effectiveness of my AI teammates right? That's all I really want.

Edit: Actually does anyone know how to add mods to the Steam version of the game?

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