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test system: 32-bit vista pc

athlon 64 x2 4800+

3 gbs ram

onboard nvidia 6150 card stealing 128 ram

onboard realtek hd only running through my 2.1 stereo speakers

the graphics and the graphics options are improved over the lego star wars games. yeah, everything still looks like legos but now we have added shading, bloom, and other neat effects that just make everything look awesome. i am definitely going to need a better graphics card to play this game. good thing i was going to buy a 8800 card when ground branch comes out! :ph34r:

the sound is great. everything works well and sounds good on my end. music from the movie plays throughout and the other sound effects are sharp and clear. i have never been one for sound bc if it sucks i just through my media player on instead. :rocky:

now to controls...yes, this is where we start to have some fits. if you want to play this on the pc do yourself a favor and get a good dual action game pad. not some cheap thing from walmart like i did a year ago. you need more buttons than you did with the lego star wars games and the control on the pc is as bothersome as in lego star wars 2. if you don't have a good controller, you are going to be one frustrated player. just to clarify, good sturdy controller that is spot on when making jumps in 3d=good fun. w00t cheap, store name brand=frustrations. :wall:

as for gameplay, well it was fun. the demo comes with only 1 map but it is a long one. there a a few cut scenes mixed in and the gameplay goes from killing spiders and dodging spikes, darts, and crocs, to figuring out puzzles and finding hidden gems. unlike the lego star wars games i think they got the mix right in this game. the level of difficulty is spot on for this type of game where as lego star wars 1 was a little too easy and lego star wars 2 was just a little hard for this type of game. it is hard to judge based solely on the demo but compared to the lego star wars 2 demo this is a whole lot more fun, there are a whole lot more things to do, and the re-playability is definitely there. :thumbsup:

i guess that's it. cant wait until june when it comes out. my son sat here and watched me play so it obviously is as entertaining to watch, too. do yourself a favor and check the demo out here: Lego Indy at Fileforum

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