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OGR Coop map list?

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When I create an online server and go to my maps list to pick one they're all not there. I down loaded all of them(all 4 pages of the [GR] coop maps) and the list only shows 20 maps or so. Is there some way to scroll through them that I'm not doing?

Thanks, Troy

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I tried all combinations of what you posted to change the map. It keeps saying, "Unknown Command". I have done this in the past, but forgot "exactly" what to type. What do I have to type "exactly" to make the map chang to the one I want?

Thanks in advance..

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see this thread...


:rolleyes: and you might recognise the poster....... considering it was your only other post here :P

and as Rpghard said above, if you type Help it lists the server commands:


To show all available maps for the current gamemode. It show the maps #id and the whole map name.

Use: /maps


Change the map to be played. This will end the current match and start a new.

Use: /change_map <mapname> or /change_map <#>

Example1: /change_map shanty town

Example2: / change_map #1

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