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  • 2 years later...

sure thing...

right first download these two things youll need them later.


(this will open up the XMLs later on so you can change them)


(this extracts the bundles)


    okay no skipping or it won't work.
  2. extract the bundle reader when downloaded into the program files>ubisoft>ghostrecon advanced warfighter>bundles directory
  3. run the bundle reader and open the quick bundle in the same directory as you put the bundle reader
  4. extract the bundle to the desktop dont worry if goes unresponsive it is still extracting the bundle, leave it about an hour (or wait until bundle reader dissapears) dont close it yourself though
  5. while you wait for it to extract make a backup of the data folder in the ghost recon advanced warfighter directory and stick it in "my documents"
  6. when the bundle has finished extracting rename the ORIGINAL quick bundle to quick1 bundle
  7. open up the quick bundle you extracted onto the desktop and copy EVERYTHING inside to the main GRAW directory and if asked to overwrite any of the files press yes
  8. now open the old data backup and copy everything inside it into the new one and press yes if you asked about overwriting old files again.
  9. use the XV132 file you downloaded and open this; C:\program files\ubisoft\ghost recon advanced warfighter\ data\ units\ beings\ U_player.xml
  10. when it has opened press cntrl+f select text sting and type in god, press enter.
  11. then you will se it has taken you to a highlighted number/ letter saying god_mode value: false change it to true and then press the right arrow onthe keyboard and then backspace to get rid of the extra 'e'
  12. repeat the process until it says string not found
    i f you want your team invincible as well then doe the same here with them.

    then if the game is really slow to load up all of a sudden you know you have done it right dont worry game play when you have started up is still as fast as you left it.
    any probs PM me

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