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Rash of connection problems

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Wondering if any other server admins are having the same problems. We've seen a rash of "Lost Connection to Server" messages occuring to multiple players on the EBDA server. We've worked with the Service Provider to clean up the log files, check the network settings, etc.. but still continues. Any other teams seeing this?

Redneck Bob_EBDA

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Over the past few weeks I've seen a marked increase in being "dropped" from servers. Not a complete drop-to-desktop (have enough of those as well), just getting bumped from servers. I don't know what's changed, either a GameSpy issue or something else, but it's a frustrating problem for players. Considering my one enjoyment of GRAW2 is the coop games, being consistantly dropped from the servers may be the final straw for this game's life on my system.

If the problem were limited to a single server it would be easy to isolate. But these drops are occuring on a wide variety of servers, dedicated and not. I got dropped from my own game server once... that's just pathetic.

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