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GRID demo out

Cpl Ledanek

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I'll play with it a bit and see if I can't figure it out. FWIW I had to mess with DiRT a lot to get it controllable.. couldn't drive with defaults to save my life <_<

You and an army of frustrated gamers...even with the Dirt Hacks to make tires more sticky couldn't make it more drivable...only primo drivers like Rocky are the lucky who could.

I took down notes and copied ppl's Wingmans Profiles and it just frustrated me more...specially on the buggy race...the WRX was kewl sometimes....I'm hoping Grid would be far more different...checking out PS3 demo tonight/this morning :thumbsup:

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Some of the vehicles are very hard to control, but I just put it down to the challenge of driving different types of car. The dirt buggy things are the hardest, but it's supposed to be that way so it didn't enter my mind to install a mod of some kind.

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I too copied profiles for my wheel, and afterwards routinely finished on the podium on the Buggy portion of the Demo, ironically it was the Wrx that game me the most difficulties...

Any way you slice it Grid is a heap of good fun, and I'll be looking to pick it up.

Speaking of other driving games, and going way OT - anyone see the new video for Burnout Paradise PC? Supporting Double Widescreen :drool: 3840x1200

Also a GRID PS3/X360 side by side if anyone is interested?

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ok. The first mode i entered was drift mode, Then i was impressed with the Nissan Silvia S15 models and textures, the whole track looked awesome.

But the controls are diabolical, i mean what the hell.. Everytime i turn using manual shift i seem to get slammed in a 360 turn, or get slammed somewhere. I use Keyboard controls, It seems really frustrating to get a good rythm going when you try to control the throttle.


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I took a quick movie, obviously there's a lot of me crashing, but at least you can see the superb damage system in action :)

Codemasters GRID demo.

I love your video Rocky 99.5% / 100 eheheh loads of fun, you driving instructor must of been mine.

I downloaded the demo and pre ordered the game, we will be running this into multiplayer on our servers.

I will be racing.

I've got a big job at work now till 6th June but I will get things together after that. Release date is 30th May 08

I'm wanting this one !

Rocky at his best video - 10/10 :yes:


Sparta thread


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I agree this will be fun to say the least..... and probably some great gaming








Don't use modded GRID demo to go online and race!! You will get drop from online lobby when race start on a track you have change. ( you will see error message that say you have modified files )

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I'll have to give the demo a try. I'd love to get into racing on the pc but I'd need to buy a racing wheel to add the fun factor.

Is this a decent one, or do you guys prefer using one with the gear shift lever on it? I usually just drive on automatic so I'm not sure.

System requirements for the game also look pretty reasonable.

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Yeah I saw those and then I saw the $200+ price tag and realized I didn't want to get into racing games that much. I need something more for the casual user. I think as long as I can find one with decent force feedback features then it should be ok. Mainly I think the almost 3 year old would have a blast using the wheel.

I'll see if I can find some user reviews. Thanks.

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dporter, from chatting and posting at Blackhole Motorsport Forums and other Gaming forums; die-hard racing-sim gamers LOVE the G25. When I posted about upgrading from the Logitech Momo and gave my gaming profile of maybe playing an hour the most in a weeks time, it was hunanimous??? <_< recommendation to stay at Momo level only. I play mostly automatic so that negates the clutch of the G25.

So that's money down the drain.

The Momo can be had at $49after MIR, on Holiday Sales...I suggest keeping an eye with Newegg coz they tend to have that sale more often than other sites.

Circuit City is on the verge of going bankcrupt...hopefully not....but they might have those on sale.

I got mine when a CompUsa store in my neighborhood closed @ $40.

Good luck. I'll keep an eye out for you too, I know got yourself a handful :thumbsup:

@squad_e, awesome video as well. Nice switch ups on the cam-angles. :thumbsup: I know its a hit-or-miss on some ppl with replay controls, but Codemaster did a nice job on the camera angle IMHO.

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Ok guys does anyone know if this will come ready so we can set up our own server ?

Is lan play poss how many players?

Do you need xbox live acount to play like GOW :(?

Thanks all

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Finally got some time to put GRID through it's paces and it sure looks good but I'm really disappointed with not being able to find any settings on my MS Sidewinder FF Wheel that makes the cars fun to drive. :wall: They all feel very vague, like the cars are floating around and super twitchy to drive.

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GRID: released

Friday 30th may (EU)

3rd June (US)

Australia TBC- but should be very soon.

All I can say is, if your expecting GTR2 Plus then don't buy it.

GRID is different, where GTR2 style is about tuning and setup of each car for each race GRID is not about tuning or setup, you all get the same class of car for the race, GRID makes there races about driver ability, your cars are evenly matched only the driver (you) is different GRID is about driver against driver, not car setup + driver against car setup + driver.

You have been warned

This is a driver v driver game.

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