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Benelli project gun

FA sear

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Thanks Ruin. I would trade for your Vette. ;)

So far I have added the two accessories. The quadrail is a B&T, and the shotshell carrier with rail is a Mesa Tactical. I have looked into possibly modifying it, but honestly, I really cannot think of one part that it needs. This thing really does function flawlessly.

I don't know when my Comp M4 will arrive (I have one, but it is mounted on another gun), but I will post a pic when I get it.

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Very nice. I'm waiting patiently on the Big Brown Truck to bring me a CTR and LPK today so I can complete one of my new lowers. :) Which reminds me, I need to take pics.

The girlfriend and I are headed to a local store to look at some pistols for us. She fell in love with the Glock 19 yesterday, but I want her to look at some more. With us moving, we can go shooting together at an indoor range, so that would be nice. Also got her brother set up with his Winchester Model 63 .22lr, and Winchester Model 94 .30-30 lever action, loads of fun. Both were refinished by his grandfather and are gorgeous, I need to take pics.

Anyway, great work again, looking forward to seeing the aimpoint on it.

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