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DEA - Most Wanted

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I am working on a new coop tourney (three intense CQB missions , all custom maps) with the great modder Lightspeed , after Sniper Team - The Longest Kill, but this time it'll be a mini CQB tournament, "4 man teams".

No sensors and no TI, no respawns, of course.

Teams will have the support of a MAV - micro air vehicle, that will actually fly during the missions, and will send some info about the enemies.

Its similar to this one :


Mod will be released later to public, after end of tourney.

Objective of the missions is to capture big drug dealers , from the "most wanted" DEA list, and collect intel.

H&K weaponry to players and traffic soldiers, plus some Aks / AN94 to FARC soldiers. Real life ballistics to all weapons.

All action will happen in Colombia.

Mod, except missions, will be released first and .mis files will be distributed later to the teams by xfire.

Missions will be a "single live insertion", 2 hours or so to send back the three replays plus scores to a provided email account, from the moment each team downloads missions at xfire.

Only one team per clan will be allowed. Teams will have 4 members in each mission, but clans may change players the way they prefer from one mission to the next.

The winner will be the clan that completes the three maps faster.

BTW we are working on some very innovative scripts. :thumbsup:

More info to follow soon.


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K quick update, we will have flash bang nades replacing the frag ones from GR in this mod. There is obviously an engine limit to use this kind of stuff in GR, but anyway the effect we've gotten is very cool.

Kits list :

Players -

MP5 SD 9mm

HK 416 SD 5.56mm 10"

HK 416 SD 5.56mm 14.5"

HK 416 SD 5.56mm 20"


HK 1014 12g Shotgun

Flash Bang

Extra ammo

Traffic / FARC soldiers -

HK 417 16"

HK 417 12"

HK G36

HK 416 10"

HK 416 14.5"

AK 47

AK 47 DDrum Mag


HK 1014 12g Shotgun


Extra ammo

Additional features :

- MAV (micro air vehicle) support - itll send high res images, that players will actually watch on the MAV control unit screen, of the enemies / compounds. Thats the only "extra" help players will get, since no diamonds neither threat indicator will work.

- Four new classes of soldiers in multiplayer games.

- DTS HyperStealth urban and jungle camos.

- Three hard coop "capture the drug dealer" missions in Colombia.

- Innovative envs setting to the maps - play with three different characters, depending on the missions requests, but with "jungle" menus and all enemy voices in spanish.

- Single player fully compatible mod - it will be released to the public after the end of tourney.


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Another update, im considering to release this mod as an "open" tourney, what means a normal mod (five missions sp / coop) but adding all tools of a coop tourney.

Players will have their score calculated by each mission script, so they can compare to the performance of other teams from same clan, etc ...

Missions must be played by at max four players, or itll be mission failed.

Lightspeed had some r/l issues and cant spend time modding GR by now, so im sure it would be really a pain to admin alone a coop tourney with many teams.

Some screenshots (click to enlarge) , please check read me file of mod when released for all credits and notes:











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Ill post more screenshots later. Some new and xcool stuff will be added, like brand new M4 , SG 552 Commando and TDI Kriss weps by natsanwa.

Im working now on the fifth mission, last one. "Real" insertion and extraction in a ASDS Mini-Sub , not cinematics, just like the jet shown above.


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Added the SG 552 Commando 5.56mm donated by natsanwa, itll have a good use in the mod as the DEA agents will have only this weapon to play the last mission, a kick ass one btw.

Real life firing sounds and ballistics of the Commando were also included.


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Mini sub insertion and extraction in mission 4 (click to enlarge).



@Sairus : Effect is limited, the nade wont kill, will just "distract" the enemy, giving time to a quick action. Shotgun wont be reloaded, kits featuring it will have only one magazine - in fact we dont want frag nades or many magazines for the shotgun in this mod, just assault rifles doing the job.

Enemy wont have frags too.

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