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Starship Troopers Mod


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AFAIK, Chems has dropped all GR-mods to pursue modding for a different engine.

He's send me the map for SST to finish, but since I haven't got any time either at the moment, it's lying on the shelf.

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So how about skipping the map and mission and just having bugs to kill ?

There are enough nice default maps to do it on :-)

I'm not speaking for him, but I'm pretty sure I recall that Chems officially left GR modding quite some time ago.

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Not sure what to make out of this...

my post was ment for deleyt; as I understood he wanted to do a map to finish Chems project but has had no time so far.

So is the project as a whole never gonna come out cause Chems left ?

Why did he hand stuff over to deleyt then ?

I`m lost and beginning to think it was a hoax from the start :(

Hoping we`ll see some bugs at last,


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It isn't a hoax. The mod is real.

Chems send me non-working map some time ago and I made most part of the map working ingame.

He then announced that he had dropped all his running GR-projects due to other (more prosperous) projects.

On top of that, my 9-5 job had increased in workload aswell and less free time was the result.

When I do have some spare time, it mostly goes to modding for Trainride, as that is my own project.

For me, SST got pushed back to second place.

It's simply a matter of priorities....

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