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Had a bit of spare time so I have modeled a new weapon. Onw which i think may be so powerful only 1 will be availble. If you can guess what it is before I texture it then you get a prize ;) Also its going to have a lot of new sounds from the movie!! :D

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Cool some fellow Star Wars fan. I like the earlier books before they all became old. Timoty Zahn hes a bit of a ledge but I jedi Is the best Star Wars book I ever read. The later ones with those people who arent in the force trying to take over are stupid! But I havent read all the books yet. :( Lookin foward to Ep3

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I liked all books by Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston the most. That would include "I, Jedi" as well. Simply becouse they don't deal with the main characters directly, still they are in the surrounding and come into the story now and then. And like you I don't really like the "New Jedi Order" period. Staying in the New Republic era before that.

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WHAT YOU DO NOT LIKE THE NEW JEDI ORDER :o:huh: HAVE YOU GONE :blink: . All right you ppl are missing out on some dang good stuff ;) you know it coneckts with rogue planet a LOT like Vergere and thay are hunting for the planit it rogue planet. It is realy sweet :P. Wich ones have read? the erler ones are not as good. Conquest and Star by star are realy good but if I had to tell you one to read it would be Trator it is cool and it chalengs evry thing (like the Dark side).

Got to http://swgb.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums...i?action=t&fn=7

P.S. Michael A. Stackpole Rote a lot of the New Jedi Order

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I'm kind of bored with Jedi. It's ok to have Jedi in the story and so as they are a big part of the universe, but I don't really like centering the story on them. Like th stories of the "normal" people better. Luke is simply to naive to like and he has turned the Jedi the wrong way for me.... More books on bounty hunters, commando unit, squadrons and stuff. That's more my thing. "I,Jedi" and the Jedi Academy Trilogy is the best part of the jedi centered books in my oppinion as well.

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Humm, I suppose I agree although I do like Luke. Suppose in a way it much more fun to be "normal" ppl because a jedi seems to be able to get out of anything. I liked Corran Horn because he wasnt all jedi.

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I didn't like Luke in "Star Wars" so much, but after he got done training with Yoda in Empire Strikes Back he became a little more mature. You have to admit the duel with Vader in ESB was awesome! And in ROTJ he is a total bad-ass, how could you not like that?

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Chems Wolfsong have you read any of the New Jedi Order? and if so whitch ones. thay are.(*= I have red)

Vector prime.*



Hero's Trial.*

Jedi Eclipse.*

Balance Point.*(Chewbacca dies)


Conquest.*(Vary Good)

Rebirth.*(Ben Skywalker is born)

Star by Star.*(Anakin Solo is Killed I give it a a 4 out of 5)

Dark Journey.*

Rebel Dream.

Rebel Stand.

Traitor.*(amasing 5-5)

Destiny's Way.*(dang Good)




Reunion.(Not out yet)

Do me (and you) a favor and read Star by Star and Traitor

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