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Well Im back up and running on a new HD so my normal service resumes just minus all my documents. Which means that I will be on limited modding. But the good news is the HD has been sent away for data recovery.

@Wolf will send email damn soon.

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Well some amazing news, I thought I couldnt be stupid enough to lose all my work if something went wrong, it just isnt Chems like, so I got out my collection of CD-Rs and low and behold the first one I put in has a copy of all my mods, including SST, in its fully exported format. So everything is there except the fort map. I didnt put the max files on but it includes all my most precious bits. Im happy, so dont worry you will get this mod. But anyways I will get my max files back when the HD is recovered by the pros.

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Just on my way in actually.

The HD update.

Took it into PC world (a big PC shop if you didnt know) and this nerdy guy plugged it in and said it was clunking said the arms were going to far and he thought the read write heads where damaged. I personally thought that was ######, if it was, it wouldnt load up at all and a lot of the other stuff its doing wouldnt work.

To get the data recoverded by a pro if it is damaged like he says would cost something made like £25 per 64mb. My folder of Max mods etc is like 7bg. So if it comes round to that SST wont be on the list to be pulled off the HD I will just release what I have.

But tommorow night my copy of the linux boot CD comes through, and I will be trying to recover the data that way. So wish me luck.

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