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If you haven't already noticed, Relic released patch 2.301 a couple of days ago

Just log in online via the game and it will will automagically download

Here are the notes

2.301 04/29/2008


- Removed game matching information in the console.

- Resolved a game arbitration issue when the game resulted in a sync error.


- Fixed World Builder to export correctly. All custom maps should now save correctly. Be sure to re-save your custom maps to carry over these properties.

- Updated save game version. Save games previous to 2.300 will not be compatible with the current version of Company of Heroes.

- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to teleport garrisoned troops.

- -dev mode has been re-enabled.

- Modified FOW related commands in the console to be single player only.


- British Bren carriers and Bren gunners will no longer be able to button Flakvierlings, 88s, AT guns, Howitzers.

- Strafing run has been tuned.

- US M8 Greyhound and Wehrmacht SdKfz 234 Armoured cars have had their target accuracy modifiers increased from 0.73 and 0.82 respectively to .9.

- US M8 Greyhound and SdKfz 234 Armoured Cars moving accuracy modifiers changed from 0.6 to 0.8.

- Light vehicle received accuracy modifier on light engine damage critical changed from 1.25 to 1.35.

- Sniper detection radius reduced from 3m to 1m.

- Panzer Elite Defensive Veterancy Vehicle modifiers tuned at vet levels 2 and 3. Received accuracy and damage modifiers reduced, health maximum modifiers reduced.

- Panzer Elite 222 Armoured cars have their health bonus at Vet 1 reduced from 30 to 15.

Maps Changes

- Several map weather settings have been tuned.

- The Scheldt - Two bridges to centre island replaced with land bridges.

- Hochwald Gap - Tweaked territory near bridge crossings, widened bridge crossings from each base, removed a large number of fx markers.

- St. Mere Dumont - several buildings replaced so window facings are more equitable between north and south facing.

- St. Mere Dumont - moved some fuel points to prevent them from being captured on the wrong side of a wall.

- Wrecked Train - cleared some debris from the center of the map

- Wrecked Train - removed some tank traps blocking access to one of the fuel points

- Langres - Moved one of the strategic points slightly. Rebalanced VP locations slightly so that both have equal coverage from defensive buildings.

- Beaux Lowlands - Updated to 3 VPs

- Beaux Lowlands - replaced high munition point with strategic point.

- Sturzdorf - bottom player has one extra ramp up to the high fuel area.

- Minor pathing changes to Linden to enable Kettens to capture a point.

- Verrieres Ridge - added version of map with no repairable bunkers (playable with Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts).

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Yeh I just installed CoH yesterday I think it was, patching it up is a bit of a chore, but I got there in the end.

The funny thing was I nstalled Cog, then I installed the expansion OF. The first thing OF did was uninstall CoH LOL, >_<

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O_o how the heck am i saposed to patch all of it! i iunstall and install the 100-140 patch then 140-170 then 170-170 and im fine up to hear then i try to install the 171-2.101 patcvh and then i get errors and cant launch the game O_o am i missing something since i dont have OF ?

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Last time I played this, the latest patch was 1.40. I just installed it on my new installation and was browsing for sites to download the patches and... :unsure:

What's the latest patch for the first game? I don't have Opposing Fronts. The official site has 1.71 listed as the last one.


Gamershell has a 1.40-2.101 IIRC patch. But I don't want to download from there as I always get disconnected around the half hour mark. I take it there is no 2 GB 1.00-latest patch? :(

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Patching CoH is a bit of a nightmare. There is no cumulative patch.

The best bet is to either figure out which patches you need and manually download the biggest of them and manually install it at the appropriate point by letting the game auto update the smaller patches. That's what I did, but it was a bit of a headache.

The relic forums aren't much help either. Awesome game, but it does have it's annoyances.

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Sorry to dig this up, but I just got this and am having a problem with the patches.

I got the 1.0 - 1.40 patch, which was fine, but then I installed the (1.8 damn gigabyte) 1.40 - 2.101 patch and now the game wants me to register online. I can't even get to the main menu. It gives me some bullcrap about downloading a patch to play online, which I don't want to do, and when I cancel that box it tells me I need to register an account.

Did anyone else have to do this? I really don't see the point in registering if I'm not going to be playing online. I would just uninstall the whole thing and patch back to 1.40, except I'd quite like to see if the patch made any notable improvements (it had better, for 1.8 gigs).


So I give in and register. I figure that just this once, I'll lay down for The Man. I log in, but it still wants me to download the patch before I go any further. "Ok THQ," I think to myself, "you win this round. I will download your little patch."


This game officially sucks.

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Is the 2.101 patch worth it? Right now I can't even get into the main menu so it isn't doing me much good. Should I just uninstall, go back up to 1.40 and then go as high as I can up to 2.101?

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