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* DOWNLOAD here - Sniper Team The Longest Kill *

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Weapons list :


- OA 5.56x45mm

- OA 5.56x45mm SD

- MK12 5.56x45mm

- MK12 5.56x45mm SD

- M16 Viper 5.56mm

- M16 Viper 5.56mm SD

- WA2000 7.5x55mm

- WA2000 7.5x55mm SD

- WA2000 NV 7.5mm

- WA2000 NV 7.5mm SD

- HK SL9SD 7.62x37mm

- M110 7.62x51mm

- M110 7.62x51mm SD

- HK MSG90A1 7.62mm

- HK MSG90A1 7.62mm SD

- HK 417 20 7.62mm

- HK 417 20 7.62mm SD

- AR-10 7.62x51mm

- AR-10 7.62x51mm SD

- MK11 7.62x51mm

- MK11 7.62x51mm SD

- MK14 7.62x51mm

- MK14 7.62x51mm SD

- APR Int SD .308 Sub

- OA SASS 7.62x51mm

- OA SASS 7.62x51mm SD

- OA M6 .308

- OA M6 .308 SD

- Mini Hecate .338

- Mini Hecate .338 SD

- APR .338

- APR .338 SD

- APR NV .338

- APR NV .338 SD

- Cheytac .408

- Cheytac .408 SD

- AS50 .50

- AS50 .50 SD

- OM50 838mm .50

- OM50 838mm .50 SD

- OM50 381mm .50

- OM50 381mm .50 SD

- AW50 .50

- AW50 .50 SD

- AW50 NV .50

- AW50 NV .50 SD

- Hecate II .50

- Hecate II .50 SD

- EDM Arms .50

- EDM Arms .50 SD

- Barrett M107 BORS .50

- Barrett M107 BORS .50 SD

- Barrett M95 .50

- Barrett M95 .50 SD

- Barrett XM500 BORS .50

- Barrett XM500 BORS .50 SD

- Barrett M99 .50

- Barrett M99 .50 SD


- HK MP7 4.6x30mm SD

- P90 5.7x28mm SD

- HK MP5 9mm SD

- HK UMP45 .45 SD


- FN Five SeveN SD

- HK MK23 .45 SD

- Desert Eagle .357

Features :

- Ten brand new amazing sniper missions that you can play MP Coop or SP

- Only two classes of soldiers for MP : sniper and spotter

- New resized scope mask to the sniper rifles

- Full screen spot scope 25x to the spotter

- New weapon models to the opfor

- New custom firing sounds

- Real life ballistics

- Colored kit icons

- New Digital Tiger Stripe Hyper Stealth camo

- New characters

- Six custom maps

- Compatibility addon included - play any mission you want with the new weapons, sounds and masks !

Important note about the Scope Masks :

As default we've included scope masks for widescreen users.

Inside "Textures" of the Sniper Team mod folder you'll find a file called "Masks_normal.zip", simply unzip it inside the same "Textures" folder, overwriting when asked, to play with a 4:3 masks.

We have also included a "Masks_widescreen.zip" , so if you want to get back to widescreen masks after installing the 4:3 ones, just unzip it and overwrite when asked .

About the Sniper Team Mod :

This is a multiplayer coop mod, so you should play it with a partner, as a "2 man team", one as sniper, the other as spotter, to enjoy Sniper Team at its best.






> TIMER - 60 minutes.

> KIT RESTRICTIONS - Sniper Team - The Longest Kill

As Sniper Team is originally a multiplayer coop tourney mod, you'll have the new weapons and the new sniper and spotter characters only in Multiplayer, and selecting kit restriction called "Sniper Team - The Longest Kill".

To play with this mod in single player or other multiplayer missions , or TvT matches, you will need to activate the provided "compatibility addon", with a higher priority than Sniper Team mod.

Some of the additional stuff included in the compatibility addon :

Porta bush (yes, it is exactly what it sounds like)


NTW-20 14.5mm API AMR


Any doubt you may have bout the mod please feel free to post in this thread, so we can help.


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Just a caution for those with older systems: the expanded draw distances on the maps made it unplayable for my system (laptop) even with all settings turned to low. This late in the game, I suspect I'm one of the few people playing who still needs to turn shadows off on some of the RSE maps, but I can usually still play with textures and models turned up. In this case, nothing helped enough.

That said, I like what you guys did with the scopes. I wish I could play it as it really seems to up the challenge playing as a sniper.

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Our team has downloaded "Sniper Team the longest kill" and we will set up our own two-men squads' tournament.

Thanks for keeping our game alive :thumbsup:

Oops: that's a contradiction as it will never die.......

Excellent, im sure youll have lots of fun. And yeah, keeping a game that will never die alive seems to be a contradiction ... :unsure: or not ? :P

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Thanks to all GR community for the feedback and the 767 downloads in less than one moth after public release here at gr.net, that inspires me and lighty.


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That's awesome, at this stage to achieve numbers like that is superb, congrats.

Thanks rocky, congratulations to you and gr.net too, all front page news, the sub-forum and support you provided helped to make Sniper Team a tourney to be remembered.

Edit: Now 774 downloads.


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Sniper Team mod is reaching the 1.000 th download here at ghostrecon.net, just 40 days after release, what proves this seven years old game is still a blast. :rocky:

I would like to thank all donators and contributors to the mod, plus rocky and sunraa (at ghostaholic.com) for the support.

Hope to have many downloads too with DEA - Most Wanted mod, while we wait for P2, Blood Oil and some other great incoming mods.


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woohoo - i think that means the mod was a success?

how many downloads at the other site?

Yeah, thats what it seems. :shifty: Right now we have 998 at gr.net, 46 at ghostaholic and 81 at woody2000.


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Awesome result, and well deserved.

Thanks Rocky. :)

congrats guys...'Most Wanted will most likely also live up to such a name!

mig :ph34r:

Thanks mig, bout DEA , just a little mod trying to help keeping stuff warm till P2 is released.


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 5 weeks later...

After five months of its release, Sniper Team reaches 2.270 downloads - hey thats 246+ since 24/08/2008, still a hit - (2.065 only here at gr.net), congratulations to mod team (me and lightspeed) and specially to all modders that have donated their work to make this great mod.


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