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Hi All,

Anyone playing GR on Mac?

I'd really love to have such a nice silver, slick 'n shiny G4 on my desk. I know GR original edition is available for mac, but has anyone experience with:

- online multiplay?

- compatibility with pc-users online multiplay?

- the mission packs?

- mods?

- PC emulators?

Especially full-option online multiplay is the feature i really dont wanna miss (and that will make the choice for a new compu a lot more easier).

Thanks for now,


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You really don't need to post the same question in different forums. This post is in the wrong forum and will end up getting moved and locked as it is a duplicate posting.

I know there has been some discussion already about GR and Mac's. I haven't had a chance to do a search and post you some links. If others haven't responded, I will see what I can find later today.

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Sorry for double posting.

In other forum were no replies.

I thought maybe in this forum is more experience playing GR other than on PC platform.

Basic question is (still):

Can i play GR online on Mac while friends are on PC?

Regards, Blue

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This forum is more for those that play GR on XBox or PS2. The Mac users usually post in the other forums. I will see what kinds of info I can find with a search and get back with you later. If you have some time you might be able to find some old threads in the general discussion forum. I saw some Mac mod threads in the general mod forums. You may need to go back a page or two to find the topics, though.

I don't know the answer to the basic question, but I do know that it has been discussed before. Just need to find where the discussion took place.

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I did a quick search. I haven't had the time to look at the threads. So I don't know how many of the threads will be what you are looking for.

Hope this helps. :)

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Yes you can play GR on a Mac with the PC compatible people online.

the only problem is that the Mac version dont have IT expanssion and almost all pc users have that one. It is going to be hard to you to get a online game with just GR and DS.

I saw somewhere a patch (its not a offical patch) that you can convert the IT PC version to mac but im not totally sure because im a PC user.

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Hey man, you might want to look into somthing called Virtual PC. You can use Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or XP Pro on ur mac. Its about £100 (UK, Duh) and u can get it from most shops or online stores I.E. Amazon.com/.co.uk. Island Thunder is comming out soon for Mac. Also, i assume you have GameRanger, just like Gamespy but for mac and without so many pop-ups. Also, u cant play PC and Mac together online throught GSA or GR, IP connection i think.

Macs forever! They rock!


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