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where will the new Recon be set?


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Wonder if there will actually be map creation in the next one? I was thinking and using DEM (digital elevation model)for the creation would be cool as you could use real world places and simply select the area on the DEM to create and then populate it with trees etc.

Example here




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I agree with you if they sent you behind enemy lines on infiltrate with no help at all, you're HUD is offline no contact with friendlies, can't wait to see though.

For a gameplay changeup while we wait for the next best thing, try setting this up:

Exfiltration Co-Op Mode, Evasion (1 Officer, Vehicles On)

Difficulty - Default

Kit Restrictions: Pistols / MP5

IFF - Off

Drone - On (2 minute or greater respawn)

Allow Weapon Pickup

In Game:

Locate Drone. Destroy it. If it respawns before you're at extraction, kill it again. Only use drone at extraction.


You are a downed chopper crew behind enemy lines. Enemy is alerted and patrolling the area. Weapons and Ammunition were not salvagable. Fight your way to extraction using only sidearms. Mission Control is getting drone to your position, but it will take 4 minutes minimum. Protect yourself and your crew. Good luck.

By yourself, try it in an urban map like Ghost Village. You get more corners to use for cover. Keeping that "officer" alive is brutal. If you have a team, I would recommend using 1 MP5 and the rest pistols. Teams should be able to more easily tackle the wide-open maps.

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