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Since patch 1.05 problems hosting

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Pre patch 1.05 I had no problems hosting. All members of the clan I am in could join no problems. After installing 1.05, now only a select few can join, and sometimes not at all. I am behind a router, I opened all the necessary ports, disabled anti-virus, turned off firewalls, and have tried everything. I tried to host on both computers and still have problems. The router is necessary since I have Verizon FIOS, any one have any suggestions or fixes?

Everyone says they get to the connecting to server screen and then nothing....

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Well i here its hit or miss with GRAW 2 SADS

Routers differ so much from one to another

Disable Anti-DoS firewall protection & SPI firewall protection (although it may open your network to hackers)

The GRAW2 SADS should not need Port Forwarding, DMZ(Demilitarised Zone) settings or Special Application

settings. I have tryed all these settings but they don't work with GRAW2 SADS, If you wont to connect more

then just one box on a single connection. Then if you wont to run more then one SADS at the same time you need to do it on a different port ( is it the ports ?

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