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Looking for help - GhostMod for CoD4


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I'm building a mod for CoD4

At first I will try to make MP_Embassy as a nice intro. Ben has worked on the .map file back in CoD2 days. Im now busy fixing some errors he made and retexturing everything.

I'm lookin for people who are interested in helping.

For some early screenshots look here: http://www.ghostleague.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16

There's still lots and lots of work to do but the beginning is there.

Catch me on MSN @ sjuulj@hotmail.com



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When I have more time left, I'm looking in bringing some gr related COD4 modders together to look at projects like these. I know Schwartz is wanting to do some GR stuff for COD4. And with the complexity of newer games I think there is need for bringing folks together to do these kind of maps. I'm not a modder yet though, I have the tools but haven't got them to work, and I need training from zero (that is one of the reasons for me to try to bring some modders together, the experienced can help starters get a kick start without all the demotivationg hazzle, or at least with a lot less...)

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This link will also be usefull since it has video's :D

Btw I'dd really like to set up a mod team for GR maps and GR-like maps. I've got a free subdomain with PHP/MySQL so we can actually set up a site. I've recently installed Joomla but didnt configure anything yet.


I know, there are tutorials, but I learn faster whislt doing and being able to fire off my questions over TS or directly to someone else.....

When I find time I will look into the mod tools, cause I know COD4 has potentials, heck I've seen some very nice modded maps.

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