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Sniper Team PATCH 1.1 - Download here

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Patch 1.1 for Sniper Team mod was released, download it here (4 mb).


What is new :

- Replay issue fixed, players camo will be shown according to the map.

- Fixed models for the Nemesis Sniper Rifle.

- Added two new vehicles and one new sound.

This patch will be required to play mission 3 map 3 (last map of the tourney).

How to install :

Extract Sniper_Team_Patch_1_1.zip to ...\Mods under Ghost Recon folder, overwrite if asked.


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Were is the BASE Mod For This Missions. Give Link Please Cuae It Aint Working and it obviously need to be added to a folder that hould be there already.

Yeah, its like Pave Low said, its a tournament, but we will have a public release of the mod in 10 days +/-, a 1.1 version patched including all missions plus a "compatibility addon" making everything playable to other missions and some extra content not included in the tournament, such as the NTW-20 anti materiel rifle, porta bush, etc ....


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