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Date:- 20 December 2008

Location:- Serbia


Good Morning Sniper Team - I hope you like the cold weather.

Your new assignment is the elimination of Milorad Lukovic, also known as, 'The Legionnaire'. He was responsible for numerous war crimes and human atrocities including the assassination of a number of political figures in the Yugoslav State.

Lukovic was sentenced to 40 years in prison for his crimes but escaped and is now leading the Red Tigers Liberation Army, a European terrorist organisation which has claimed responsiblity for numerous terrorist attacks throughout Europe.

Eliminating Lukovic will help to destabilize the RTLA, howver, we don't have any Intel on his current location so we need you to infiltrate one of his known Terrorist Training Camps and try to find out where he is.

Stay frosty Sniper Team and don't forget your parachutes.


There are 3 maps that make up this mission:

"Fire and Ice"

"In Cold Blood"

"Crushed Ice"

Map 3 will be a live insert with 1 hour to return score.

You can request this map after u have submitted results for Maps 1 & 2 - you will have 3 hours to complete these 2 maps.

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