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GRAW2 "jerking"

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Hi guys, hope someone can help me

My gf bought me GRAW2 for my birthday last week, but for some reason it just doesn't want to work right.

The first two missions runs smoothly, no "jerking" graphics, no fading sounds nothing.

As soon as I start the third mission, the sound fades sometimes and the graphics start to "stutter".

I restart my pc, thought it was something running in background, it ran the third mission smoothly.

Now on the fourth mission I can't do anything. Picture stuttering tremendously and the sound is awfull!!

Somehow if I restart my pc I can play for about 5-10min on the 4th mission then it becomes unstable. Restarting the pc now, it just gets worse.

I downloaded all the patches, but nothing is better. Should I just re-install the game or is my pc a bit too small for the game?

P.S: I can play Call of Duty4 without any problems..... :wall:

P.C. Specs

Core 2 duo 2.2GH

ECS Mobo(Intel chipset)

1GIG Ram

nVidia Geforce 7300GT 512MB

Windows Vista Business(32-bit)

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1 1 gig ram is insufficient, and a geforce 7300 is low low low quality, the lowest stable is 7600 GT or maybe a powerfull 6800 GT but I'd recommend a 8800gt and a second gig of ram. remember Dell, HP and other stock brand PC's always have lower end graphics cards and hardly sufficient meory and hdd space, you need to upgrade them straight from purchase if you want them to run smooth.... thus a self built rig is mostly cheaper and faster/better

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the 1 gig isn't an issue if your graphics card is powerfull enough, I ran GRAW1 on a AMD x2 3800 with geforce 6600 and 1 gig.

Didn't run smooth, had issues. I put a second gig ram in and the game became very playeable. After that I put in a geforce 7600 the game ran fine, good enough for MP. shame my system crashed due to a broken Motherboard.

Now I run a core2 duo 6300 with 2 gig, a geforce 8800 GTS 320mb (which wllows GRAW1 on high!, graw2 not sad but true) and the games run very smooth. 45-60 fps but with cod4 I get 85-110 so GRAW is still a system hog.

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geforce 8800 GTS 320mb (which wllows GRAW1 on high!, graw2 not sad but true)

That's because there is a bug in GRAW1.

You can select the 512Mb texture level if you have more then 256MB, and not if you truly have 512Mb that the game will use in that mode. So you may get crashes unless you actually have 512Mb memory and run on high. ;) But it was fixed for GRAW2.

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Vista + :AW2 w/ 1 GB sys RAM + 7300GT 512-GDDR2-Turbo Cache (which pulls up to 256MB from the systems memory) = Excedrin Headache #15.

@OP: If you haven't already tried, see if lowering your ingame graphics settings to the minimum will allow you past those bottlenecks.

As posted above, an additional gig of RAM (assuming you have the slots) will help alot with this program, and your overall system.

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