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What's Your favorite GRAW2 MP weapon&map ?

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I like 10 frags. It's fun to throw and watch the AI scatter and yell "grenada!!!"

Other that I'll take Brettzies silenced and scoped M-16... because when that lousy auto fire bugs shows up, at least my weapon is stuck on single shot. With 10 frags of course! And a Superbiggulp Diet Coke.

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Favorite weapons

M416 Rifle: Accurate, slient.

Scar L Rifle: Accurate, silent.

MR-C Rifle: Accurate, silent and less backrecoil.

Explosives: Handgrenades

Favorite MP maps





Some of the custom maps are very good too..

Hope more are coming.

See you all at the battlefields of GRAW2! :)

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{EDIT} OK, seriously, I've played no GRAW2 MP, but for GRAW2 SP I loved the new RX4 rifle. Statistically (and in practical terms) it's 100% identical to the M8 and M416 rifles, but I don't care. I like it, and I like the 4x sight with the odd triangle reticle. When I was playing through GRAW2 SP, I took that rifle on all missions but one (I lone-wolfed 'Get Me Rosen', the only really cool mission in the game, with an M14/SD and MP5SD, which worked magnificently). And the weapons were another great example of the fine sound work done by GRIN on GRAW and GRAW2. VERY nice...

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M416/Red Dot/Silencer

SCAR-L Mk 16/Red Dot/Silencer

MP5A4/Red Dot

I just love how accurate and powerful those first two rifles are, and how can anyone NOT love the MP5 in any form? I like almost all the maps in GRAW 2 with the exception of Arroyo. All the others seem pretty well thought out and mapped out.

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